Optical-mechanical keyboard Fantech MK882

Today on the review is a gaming keyboard, which is one of the few with optical-mechanical switches and full protection against water.

Once found in the vast Aliexpress for myselffirm Fantech, which produces pretty good gaming devices. The company is developing quite quickly and they have a very large range of products. There are many different gaming mice, membrane and mechanical keyboards, headphones, carpets, fans.

I decided to replace my old fantech keyboardK11, which I bought to get rid of the problem of only two buttons working at once (perhaps in many modern keyboards, this problem is absent), for something more modern and mechanical.
old fantech k11

The keyboard decided to choose a full on 104keys and with a wrist rest (for a long time I got used to using it, less wrist gets tired, because it does not bend). He began to consider the Chinese options, stopped at motospeed CK108 ($ 55) and fantech mk882 ($ 69, bought for 4520r). Motospeed was a simpler keyboard, I decided to choose something unusual. Keyboard fantech stood out with new switches and full protection against water, these are quite interesting advantages.

The keyboard comes here in this box.


some more photos

The set is simple: keyboard, wrist rest, instruction.
Dustproof and waterproof design
The body is made of durable aluminum alloy and ABS plastic
Anti-Ghosting technology: the ability to simultaneously press up to 104 keys
Response frequency: 1000 Hz
19 RGB backlight modes (the backlight on the side has 7 colors to choose from, or the mode of automatic smooth change of colors, or can be turned off)
Dual Layer Keys
Optical switches
Triggering power: 50 g
Key durability: 80 million keystrokes
6 multimedia buttons (work in combination Fn + player, play / pause, stop, vol ±, vol off)
Game mode with disabling keys (you can select the desired) Windows, alt + tab, alt + f4
Copper cable in nylon braid 1.6 m long with a ferrite ring
Advanced Macro Customization with Specialized Software
Sizes 466 x 208 (145 without a stand under the wrists) x 38 mm
Weight 958gr.
This type of keyboard is called a skeleton. All switches are embedded in 1.6mm metal platinum, which creates additional rigidity. The bottom of the keyboard and wrist rest made of plastic.

Full keyboard 104 keys. The key layout is standard for the European version, that is, one-story enter, long shift, f1 is exactly above the two. The buttons are located at several levels of height and each key has a notch to make it easier to type. There are no Russian characters, engraving is currently worth 500-1000r and the characters will be highlighted.

for Russian characters

The stroke before triggering is about 1.5 mm, and the declared response time of the optical sensor is 0.2ms (for conventional mechanical keyboards it is about 0.3). In terms of sound and sensation, like all keyboards on blue switches (a click is heard, the pressing force increases progressively until a click, then it goes linearly, almost without an increase in hardness)

blue switches

On the bottom there are 5 large rubber bands,which keep the keyboard well in one place (partly due to the not small weight). The legs are also rubberized, have only one type of height. On the stand for the wrists as well additionally located 5 rubber bands of the same size.

The keyboard has 5 backlight levels (the backlight brightness is not adjustable from the side)

19 RGB backlight modes
In all modes, you can change colors or rainbow,or any particular color. And also in some modes you can choose the direction of the animation, from left to right and vice versa, or from top to bottom and vice versa. It is possible to change the speed of the animation.

more backlight modes

And also there are several default modes with the backlight of certain keys. It is possible to set the backlight of any buttons in any color.

Testing of water resistance and viscera
Since this keyboard is declared as waterproof, I decided to check it out.

flooding procedure

The tests were successful. The keyboard is not afraid of water, but without complete drying does not work normally. Since there are optical sensors in the keyboard, as long as the water gets on them, they work, so some buttons “stick” or work earlier than others. After the keyboard has dried everything works fine. If you just spill a small amount of liquid on the keyboard, then everything continues to work well (at the bottom of the keyboard there are two holes for draining the liquid). All conductive elements are varnished.
This is how the optical sensor works.

more photos after water


The program consists of four tabs. The first tab has the ability to customize the action for any button. When you click on the button, a menu appears.


Lighting tab

There is a choice of any color (16 million). The arrows light up if you can change the direction. There are a large number of setting points for brightness and speed. On the left there is the possibility of selecting the backlight mode.
Gaming mode tab

Macro tab