DSO168 Oscilloscope (for $ 41.99) and DSO188 (for $ 30)

Just yesterday, they asked questions about choosing an entry-level oscilloscope.
I looked - Ali has good options - DSO168 (for $ 41.99) and DSO188 (for $ 30).
A quick search by Ali gave a couple of results:
DSO168 Oscilloscope for $ 41.99.

The DSO168 oscilloscope has a band of 20 MHz (withsampling frequency 60MSA / s), not the most successful, but more or less neat body ala iPod, built-in battery 800 mAh (can be powered by USB). The similarity with the player add probes through the jack 3.5 mm (there is an adapter BNC-3.5mm). Waveform storage is not.

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- And an even simpler version of the DSO188

DSO188 is a simple one-channel “meter”,without memory, but with a color display, a 300mAh battery and very small in size. Its plus is precisely in compactness and portability, and the bandwidth is enough for most applications (for example, setting up sound engineering).
At a low cost ($ 30), it displays signals with a frequency of 1 MHz (sampling 5MSA / s). MMCX probes are used for operation, but the MMCX-BNC adapter is included.
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There are other options: DSO138 (From $ 10 as a set) and DSO150For example, you might like DSO112A with a touch screen and frequencies (2 MHz / 5MSA / s).
There were reviews: DSO168 - Micro oscilloscope 50MS / s 5MHz
DSO168 - Micro 50MS / s 5MHz Oscilloscope
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