Autumn jacket Spyder (fake).

On the threshold of autumn I decided to write about the jacket I bought last April. (Inspired by the recent review of the parks (by free777a, by the way, I also bought the park, just a little different).
Looking to the seller, I was convinced that there are still jackets on sale. Even the price has not changed. Delivery, as before only EMS. (There are no such models on the off site now

Over the past year there has been a definite impression. In a word, it can be described, probably, as follows: just a normal jacket.
Quality sewing good quality. Not without some complaints of course. The material does not know what is called, quite dense. (Previously, on the product page there was a link to the website of the material manufacturer, the “double membrane” material was indicated. What I doubt as it is). The seams are flat, do not diverge, there are no protruding threads. The jacket is quite warm. Insulation, probably, sintepon. One of the drawbacks can be called the difference in the thickness of the insulation of the jacket and sleeves. The sleeves are about two times thinner, which becomes noticeable in winter, at a temperature of about -10. Sleeves come unfastened. Quite a lot of pockets, there is probably an amateur. To whom it is a plus, to whom it is a minus. Wore a jacket from 0 to -10 -12, quite comfortable, not cold.
Minus I would probably call the short locks onsleeves and hood. This stub on the hood especially enrages. Due to the size of the lightning, some ventilation is obtained under the arms, in cold weather it would not be necessary. Size, when buying, chose according to the table of the seller (now for some reason it is not). Measurements made on the old jacket, chose the size of M on the grid. Came just. If you have questions, I will answer, ask.
Next, a few photos:

Material closer

Velcro sleeves

Armpit ventilation

Hood short lock

Well, the general view

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