Excellent men's leather shoulder bag

Long time I was looking for a good horizontal men's bag, preferably leather. After reviewing the respected Redmug decided to order this bag from the same seller on Ali.
In short, the bag is gorgeous, and if you need details and photos, then velkam under the cat
The bag is made of very soft and pleasant to the touch brown leather

The belt is wide, the shoulder pad is made of the same leather as the bag. A bit slippery.

leather texture from the front

from the inside

Lightning is wide, thick. It will last a long time.

Runner logo manufacturer

under the lid there is one open pocket in which the A4 sheet fits.

The main compartment is quite spacious and consists of three compartments, one of which is with a zipper, a small pocket for a passport and two places for phones.

Here is what fit in it: a pretty thick stack of paper (200-250 sheets), paper in a file, a thin book, a diary and two phones. I note that this is the limit for this bag, because the lid is already loose on the magnets and starts to puff up.

general view of the main compartment

Small pocket for documents

center zippered compartment

places for phones

the clamshell sits like a glove, but the Star X18 fits quite loosely, but I think that the pack of cigarettes here is the most

Bottom of the bag

On the inside there is a pocket similar to the one under the lid, but with a zipper

Carabiner for fastening the belt. Looks reliable.

Seam quality

Bag on me

Satisfied with the bag, the quality is excellent, looks great. It breaks down quite a lot, for everyday work days it will be enough. However, A4 sheets fit well, quite end to end.
I recommend to buy!
The tablet and laptop do not, therefore I give the sizes specified by the seller

Thank you for waiting for the whole review =)