Excellent men leather bag FEGER

I have been looking for a good leather bag for a long time. After viewing the various bags on the ALI stopped on this product.
To be honest, the bag went about two months, this is not the fault of the Chinese seller, but the wine of our beloved Russian Post.
The material of the bag is pleasant to the touch, well, enough to torment you with this scribbling, we better look at the wonderful handbag:

Pay attention to the mount: a very big plus in this bag is that the mount is very durable and when walking the bag does not emit squeaky sounds, as was my previous bag
And here it is a miracle mount

This is how the bag looks from behind.

What really surprised me was the serial number on the label:
(but as I understood it on all bags it is one: D):

Magnetic front pocket:

Inside there is a zipper pocket:

And summing up, I would like to show how the notebook feels in this bag:

Finishing my first review I would like to summarize:
Pros: Quality, style.
Bag made at 5! I advise!
Cons: Bag week, while cons did not notice.
Thanks to everyone who read this review completely