Excellent covers / bumpers for mobile PZOZ for extreme sports

Do not want your phone for 100,500 rublesturned into a pumpkin after a fall? Do you like to put the phone on the table with the screen down and the whole screen in scratches? Are you flying in the sky and already asking? ”“ Or is it the previous one? ” Welcome under cat.
I have been using PZOZ bumper for a long time. They are made for most modern phones. In the review link for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, now I ordered for Mi Max 3. It is easy to google for most modern phones.

What do I like about these bumpers?
1) They fit perfectly. No gaps, do not fall down, just stretch. All holes are the same.
2) Very pleasant material - does not slip, does not smell, in the photo - after a year of use.
3) Kick-ass form - the protrusions around the edges do not allow the phone to slip out of your hands. Behind the tabs it is convenient to get the phone out of your pocket

4) excellent phone protection. Corbels at the corners absorb falls. If you put the mobile screen down, it never touches the table. Several times I dropped the phone on the tiled floor and nothing happened to him.
5) the price - consider a gift.
6) If you fly / jump with a parachute / go boating / ride a motorcycle, then the phone is easy to attach the line to the body through the existing holes, after which it will never be lost.

7) there are different colors - this type of smoke gray, it is transparent and with other shades for other phones.
Here is how the phone looks in it:

After a year of using the phone as new. I recommend to everyone.