Great Razer Mantis Play Mat, priced at $ 2.81

Review on the Razer MANTIS Chinese Play Mat.
"It is almost like a real one, but not a real one!"
My first review. Sometime back in 2007, there was a great interest in eSports, and the question arose of acquiring appropriate devices.
The mouse was chosen easily: in the nearest computer store the most beautiful one was bought, with a mouse button: a4tech x-7. Which worked well and suited me, but now lies broken from a friend.

And the mouse needed a mat. Where do without him. After reading the thematic forums, a lot of reviews really wanted to buy this rug. But the trouble is, in my city, it was not sold. And the price in the domestic online stores was overwhelming for 700 rubles, that being a student of the 1st course I could not afford. A friend obsessed with devices bragged about them very much, said that he is on ebee, but the delivery will come out more than the price of the rug itself. So the goal to get this mat was dropped.
Was purchased rug SteelSeries QcK valuable in 300 rubles. Which I use so far from now, and with which I will conduct a comparison further.
The package arrived in 31 days, which is somehow long. (I really thought that he was missing on the way. After all, the first attempt to buy something in China). In a thin package, without visible damage (and what's there to break when the rubber mat is C:).

The first thought at the autopsy: "That's the devil, how small he is." Its dimensions are 250 * 210 * 2mm (for comparison, QcK is 320 x 270 x 2 mm, and the original mantis has 444 x 355 x 4.3 mm).

Rag mat, with rubber backing, to hold on the table. The fabric is pleasant to the touch (as in QcK). Everything is good, nothing has come off the edges. The picture is well made, it seems that the original.
The thickness is about the same as QcK ~ 2mm.

According to the gaming experience, I like the copy of mantis more. Controlling the movement of the mouse is better. Nothing breaks, as it should be.

In general, summing up, upset only the size of the carpet, as well as $ 2.81 for a rug - great. Rugs of similar quality in stores> 400rub. Very satisfied. I will continue to use it.