Excellent magnetic cord

Good afternoon, I want to tell you about the magnetic cable.
The cable arrived in the corporate package in less than a month, complete with connectors micro usb, lighting and Type-C

The cable is one meter long rubber-sheathed. The microusb plug is made in the form of two magnetic parts, one of which is attached to the phone. The system is quite convenient, because it allows you to keep the connector intact due to the lack of the need to constantly plug / unplug the plug.

The strength of the magnet is enough for the cable to be connected to the phone from a distance of 3-4 cm.
Very convenient that you can choose a modificationmate, suitable for your phone (Lighting / microUSB / Type-C) or buy several different mates and use one cable with all the phones in the family.
USB plug is made quite ordinary, without embellishment.

Magnet is strong enough, the phone hangs on it without the risk of falling. The plug in the phone is also tight enough to not be afraid to break the phone

Summarizing, I can say the following: a thing of high quality, functional and not expensive, which is very nice.