Excellent Type-C cable UGREEN

Hello dear users of the site. Today I want to tell you about TYPE-C cable from a well-known company UGREEN. UGREEN is a well-known Chinese brand specializing in the production of high-quality chargers and cables and various accessories at excellent prices, and on the 11.11 sale day, you can buy products of this company even cheaper. Who are interested in the details please under the cat.

The cable came in a very beautiful black cardboard box, on the front of which the wire itself is depicted, and on the back of the manufacturer’s contacts.

The input and output of the cable is made of metal and appliedmanufacturer's logo, which is already a nice plus, the wire is medium hard. The cable length is 1.5 meters, but there are many options to choose from. The cable has a camouflage braid, which increases the life of the wire, the wire also has a tongue with the manufacturer's logo for twisting the wire. The connectors themselves have gilding, which after a month of use is not erased.

For a month of using the wire, no problemshas arisen. The wire has a good margin of strength. Using this cable, I charge Leeco Le2 smartphone, the charging speed in normal mode and in QC3 mode is the same as with the native wire.
Also, the cable can be used to transfer data between the computer and the phone.

UGREEN has once again released a greatproduct that is worth the money. Attractive appearance, excellent current carrying capacity and metal outlets make this wire one of the best for this price.
- Packing
- Metal in and out
- Good performance
- Price
- Ability to select different lengths of wire (from 1m to 3 meters)
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