Oversize Coat

Hello! No matter how rapidly the fashion changed, the coat at all times remained at the top of the hit - parades. Today I want to show you a stylish coat in the oversized style.
Ali presents many options for the topclothes in oversized style. Taking into account the new trends, designers show season after season models of coats that meet fashion trends, and new items are released almost every week. At this stage, the overseas style, represented by plus-size clothing, is particularly relevant, featuring a loose fit, concise, but attention-grabbing details, large patch pockets, wide belts.

So sits on me

Delivery was three weeks, taking into account the New Year holidays. The product was packed in a transparent zip-package.
The store has two color options to choose from: beige and gray.
For me, the best color is gray, it is less easily soiled, taking into account that I am connected with public transport.

The coat is available in four sizes. For myself, I chose the size S (on my 86/61 / 87cm, height 165cm).

Coat measurements:
Length - 78cm
Shoulders - 52cm
Bust -120cm.
Coat, of course, on the idea of ​​designers sitting freely. In the shoulders is perfect, no constraint, wide and spacious. The length suits me perfectly, the priest is covered.

Coat on a single clasp in the form of a button.

The collar to the coat was attached in a separate package. The faux fur collar, in gray, does not crumble, is attached to the coat with a small button. In my life I came across many collars that spoiled and terrified with their appearance. I like this collar, it looks gorgeous and serves as a small insulator in the neck. At will the coat can be worn with or without a collar.

Sleeves in this model ¾. Also there are two pockets, deep enough, without a buckle.

Now about the coat material. The store states that it is a mixture of wool and polyester. In reality, I am inclined to think that the composition contains more wool than polyester. The fabric is thick, warm, with a little nap.
The quality of sewing is good, but it was not done without an excess of threads.

Perhaps you can sum up. Despite the fact that paragraph 18 I will say that this is a suitable coat for purchase. Qualitatively sewn, sits loosely, convenient to use, interesting design, warm material. It is perfectly combined with many colors of clothes, monophonic is best suited. Buy or not you decide.
Thanks for attention! See you soon!