A pair of walkie talkies Retevis RT388 for $ 8.84 and a pair of walkie talkies Baofeng BF-888S for $ 21.5

Stumbled upon Retevis RT388 for $ 8.84 (in the mobile application).
This time some other seller. Because these radios were several times already from other vendors for $ 7-10 per pair (eliminating pink color in warehouses in the Russian Federation).
The radio was popular. Some in the comments requested the continuation of the banquet.
This time a different seller, different colors are available, shipping from China. Checked for some countries - shows free shipping.

The same seller saw a couple Baofeng BF-888S for $ 21.5
Bao three scrambler matryoshka - from a warehouse in the Russian Federation. The price is relevant in the application.

To Bao, you must buy a cable for programming frequencies (costs about $ 2), because Frequencies prohibited in the Russian Federation are protected there!
I did not buy anything from this seller, I can’t say anything about reliability.
In the morning, the seller removed from the sale of rt388, happy for those who managed to buy the color you like.
And now the discount itself has become less even for the “missing” rt388.
But bao-matryoshka with a scrambler is still available, $ 21.5 is a good price for a pair.
The main thing now is for the seller to turn out to be normal, not “merge”.
The seller is trying to “merge”, most likely in the comments it's about rt388, because they were quickly removed from the sale for the duration of the discount.
Share the situation in the comments.
Prod is trying to dynamite with rt388, judging by the comments, bao 888 sends, some have already received.
Additional Information

The cable in the application on Ali is the cheapest for $ 1.8 got: aliexpress.com/item/32732223512/32732223512.html
Search by the words "baofeng cable".
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