A pair of SSD 2.5 ″ and SSD-USB type C

Known in our circles brand KingDian.
External USB TypeC SSD now in three sizes - 120, 250 and 500 GB.
Price - 2100, 3100, 5500 rubles. (rounded). Stated as an action for another 16 days. Ali's lowest price
The seller on Ali is registered 2 years, positive feedback - 99.5%

This flash drive is much more profitable at the price than if you take something offline in Russia

SSD disk 2.5 "KingDian 480 GB for the price of 4570 rubles including a $ 2 coupon, which makes the price cheaperthe most affordable offer of the same amount in Citylink for 1000 rubles. I consider all prices higher not justified in order to neglect the local guarantee. I have two SSD-2.5 "KingDian of smaller volume for the third year, I want more.

  • And practically unknown Goldenfir, on the musk there was a review on a 32 GB hard drive, but here the price is even lower, and the most interesting volume is non-standard (for me) - 360 GB for 3100 rubles. “Food voucher” aka “Seller’s coupon” for $ 1 / $ 2 is available only with the purchase of the two largest models, or when ordering several disks.
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