Park with natural raccoon fur for mom and a small comparative analysis

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Bought my mother, but it turned out to be common.
On the eve of the winter and 11.11 sales, I decided to tell about one of the most expensive purchases on Ali - a warm park with a soft, cozy, plush lining and a huge fluffy fur.
I hope this post will be useful to someone.

How long have I been writing this review! It was very hard for me, because the desire to paint everything was struggling in as much detail as possible whether anyone would read this entire text.
I ordered the park on sale 11/11/17 and she came to me in early December.
At first I wanted to wait for the snow for beautifulphoto, but it was not there. Therefore, I arranged a photoset against the backdrop of December's withered foliage and the photo went "to the table." In late December, I photographed my mother. Then came the real winter and I decided that I should take a picture with the snow.
Since that time, this product has been tested to the conscience, and I can tell you about all its pros and cons.

March snow


So, last fall we decided to buy mom a park,A suitable model was found in the Paolo Conte store for 17,000 rubles, but there was no longer the right size. But this fitting inspired me to turn to aliexpress, since the Paolo Conte shop, despite the Italian name, sells not only its “brand”, but also various fashionable clothes, mainly Chinese, high-quality, but also very expensive.
Mindful of their unsuccessful buying experience down jacket,This time I chose a very popular store on iTao. Of course, this is no guarantee of a successful purchase, but it is still better than nothing. We needed a park with a removable liner. We deliberately chose faux fur for the liner, because I have seen reviews that the rabbit really climbs, so why pay more? Moreover, the rabbit can not be washed.
The choice of color parks and fur took a day. Thanks to the review VerVers, which advised not to choose the linings and furs of different colors, as it looks ugly. From myself I would add that you need to consider how the fur will be combined with the hair color so as not to merge with it.
Other reviews on parks from the same store on iTao, where you can see how different combinations of parka and fur color look.

The seller can choose three options for the length, we took the average, it is perfect - the park properly covers the ass, but does not interfere.
With an initial price of $ 149.49, I saved $ 11,applying coupons aliexpress and still uboltala seller for a discount of $ 20, as a result of the park I got for $ 118.49. I put clause 18, as the admin previously explained to me that clause 18 should be indicated at any discount.
Order screenshot

My parameters: Exhaust 86 cm., FROM 66 cm., OB 93 cm., Height 167 cm., Weight 55 kg ...
Mother's parameters: Exhaust 110 cm., FROM 90 cm., ABOUT 110 cm., Height 164 cm., Weight 75 kg ...
Seller advised maximum size - 3XL. Park sat as it should - free, mom can easily wear a warm sweater or jacket. Measurements parks: back length 95 cm, side length (from shoulder) 82 cm, waist half height 60 cm, shoulders 49 cm, sleeve 66 cm.
Photos of the seller of the park corresponds completely.
The parks have a very deep and comfortable hood, whichEasily replace the cap. There are two ropes on the hood to adjust it, due to which it can be tightened so that the wind does not blow, and the hood itself does not move, it is not spread over the shoulders, but rather raised high. Due to the voluminous hood with fluffy fur of the park, it is great slimming, because the emphasis shifts to the shoulder line.
The fur on the hood makes the basic cost of parks -he, without any doubt, natural and high quality, very wide (18 cm.), does not climb. I was also impressed by the artificial fur of the linings - it is thick, rather long and very, very gentle, I want to touch it, and it really heats well. Mom planned to wear the park at a temperature of -5 to +10 degrees, and here the expectations were not justified - it is too warm. At +10, it can only be worn unbuttoned, and that will probably be too hot, but at -15 it is not cold at all.
Initially, it seemed somewhat strangethe location of the drawstring and pockets is too high, just above the waist. But then I looked at ASOS counterparts and saw the same solution in many parks. Moreover, we measured other parks, where the waist line is lower, and they only spoil the figure, as they look like a belted jacket. The “fishtail” behind is not too big, and I like it.
The top layer is not the thickest cotton without a lining; it looks separately so-so, so the mother does not wear a park without a litter.
So, small flaws:
- there is no hanger, so you can hang the park only on the hanger. I think this is due to the fact that the removable inner part rests on a set of buttons and zippers + heavy hood;
- the snake is fastened on the wrong side - the slider is on the right, which is very unusual, but it trains the brain;
- if you fasten the park at the very throat, the fabric above pulls a little;
- for my taste, separately the upper (cotton) part of the parks does not look.
Detailed photos

But despite the listed disadvantages, the park's mother liked it, and she received many compliments.
Although the park is too big for me, it’s for meI also liked it very much, it looks spectacular. I do not see much point in ordering exactly the same for myself, but a couple of sizes are smaller, and the very essence of parks allows for decent oversize, so I managed to properly bear it over the past winter and spring, basically, just as popular ones advise us Insta bloggers and sellers' photos are wide open so that the fur lining is visible. It’s less noticeable that she’s more like me :) Naturally, I did it without a threat to my health, in fairly warm weather, and besides, I’m almost always by car.
Like that

In the photo on me and my mother, winter and autumn Bacia boots - a review for the autumn was, and the winter differ from them only by the presence inside the euromech. Mom's hands bag with Ali from the ZENCY Official Store, I wanted to writeher review, but somehow not in the mood. In any case, I consider it my duty to warn - the quality of the bag is disgusting, it began to peel off after 2 weeks.
Lyrical digression and promised comparison

I would buy my park if at that moment IGot such parks with ASOS that I found now? Perhaps it is better to take two. Although I am quite satisfied with the quality faux fur, natural still looks cooler.

Here is such a review, the length is almostcomparable with the paragraph of the thesis. It’s probably good that I didn’t post a review right after the purchase, otherwise it would have turned out too enthusiastic. I like the park very much, mainly because of the luxurious fur, but I should pay tribute, now there are other worthy options on the Internet that are cheaper.

I wish you a good day and a cozy evening!