Dual USB 3.0 mother - 20 pin cable for USB 3.0 ports on the face of the company - 30cm 50cm 80cm

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20 (really 19) pin USB 3.0 port on the mother (or on the card) - these are two USB 3.0 (they are the same fashionable USB 3.1 Gen 1) ports. Therefore, dragging one USB 3.0 cable on the face and attaching a hub there is losing half the bandwidth. And if you pull two cables, then the hub is unnecessary.
My product is no longer there, I bring a similar, most flexible choice, but NOT the cheapest. Other links below.
Pay close attention to howports that come to face are executed. Depending on the design of the hull need different. My looks like this - the wires are flat and 67 cm, it was important for me, the body is large

From the case I threw out my native crap (IEEE-1394, USB 2, sound) and stuck this USB 3.0 cable / I had to work a little with an oscillator.
I ASK FOR FORGIVENESS FOR DUST - vacuuming is now in any way; children are sleeping.
View from the muzzle


Connecting a 20-pin connector to a USB 3 card

A year ago, the wire was cheaper. But shipping and then was paid

From the seller I bought from closest equivalent Now for $ 8.03, delivery to the Russian Federation is free. As you can see, the plug for 3.5 "compartment in the load.

That product, which is in the title is the same money + -, but there are options of different lengths. From the length of the price tag och strongly depends.
To couple a couple of cable options by 50 cm, for about $ 5.5 time and two

IMHO preferred option if necessaryUSB 3.0 output on the face of an old desktop - do not waste the compartment on the case, but use just a pair cable and attach it to where almost every case has outdated connectors.