Gloves for those who do not part with the mobile phone even in cold weather

With the transition to a phone with a capacitive screen rosethe question of using the phone in the cold. On the old 5800 with a resistive screen, such problems did not arise, the stylus saved. Wandering over AliExpress, I noticed these interesting gloves.
I use 2 weeks, so the photo of the parcel will not be. I can only say that they came in a regular plastic bag.

The parcel journey was quite long (thanks to the New Year holidays for this).
Total in Vitebsk (Belarus) reached in 53 days
Track number

Externally and according to the material - ordinary gloves thatsold with us for 20000 BYR (about 70 RUR). In some stores are sold the same, but with the inscription iGlove, on my unfortunately nothing was found. Naturally, in our cold they are useless, but at temperatures up to -10 it is quite possible not to freeze the limbs. The quality of sewing is not very good, and stitches stick up at the seams, especially at the fingertips.

And now the most important thing is working with capacitivescreen. Honestly did not expect that the screen with gloves can be so responsive. My JiaYu G2 works just fine. I do not know how this effect is achieved, but gray fabric is not used like black and it is a little thinner than the main one.
In general, I advise you to buy, but by the next season.