The first experience of buying shoes

Not so long ago, he became acquainted with the "Muska", began to read periodically and decided to share his experience in buying shoes in China.
Colds were coming and it was necessary to put on shoes for the winter. I did not go to our stores and went straight to AliExpress, where I occasionally buy small things.

I must say that buying shoes for me is a rather problematic thing, because My left foot is one size smaller than my right foot, and I have to buy shoes that fit my right foot.
After examining the sizes on the table proposed by the seller

I ordered 10 size (according to our 44).
Then he made a couple of clicks, paid, and the weeks of waiting began. The package went quite a long time, here is the tracking:
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So, having received the parcel arrived home and proceeded to its opening, the photo below:
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The shoes were not bad, only a couple of minuses:
-Glue glue (seen in the photo above)
-The biggest minus is that the shoes were not my size, and the big leg feels more than not comfortable = (
I think these shoes will last winter, but for such a price, more is not required in principle.
The first post, do not judge strictly.
Well, respecting the local tradition:
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