The first plane for those who have already played enough with a helicopter.

A lot of talk about Chinese helicopters, and I suggest trying a plane!
This model is primarily good because it is verydifficult to break. If for a more expensive aircraft a hard landing leads to repair, and a carrot (with its nose to the ground) is almost always fatal, then this aircraft is not afraid of hitting the obstacles at full speed, landing at a right angle. In the nose of solid foam, and the plane itself is very light, so he just jumps off without damage.

In my opinion, the only way to lose thisthe plane is to drive it into some kind of closed territory, roof, or tall tree, from where it cannot be reached. So for the first flight you need to choose spacious places.
The next plus is flight time. After the first charge, the plane flew off for 15 minutes, but the battery was never dead.
Management - honest radio (so we have the sunnot scary!) I cannot estimate the range, but I flew over a large field and everywhere the connection was good. Two-channel remote, both channels are proportional. There is a switch between beginner and expert mode, but I did not notice the differences in the modes.
There are no steering wheels in the plane (and this is also a guaranteereliability), the rotation is carried out due to the difference in the screws of the screws. In turn, the plane falls into a beautiful list (this is the difference from similar aircraft of other manufacturers) and will fly in circles until the pilot turns it the other way (other planes turn while holding the turn knob and in this they are a little easier). In case of inadequate load, it goes into a flat spin.
In size, the model was unexpectedly large. Those twin-engine airplanes sold in our market are two times smaller. For the street, this is not so much a minus. the heavier model is not so sensitive to the wind, although for the first flights it is better to wait for complete calm. Also in the set there are wheels, which you can sit on, if you, of course, have a couple of acres of polished to a shine floor somewhere
The seller packed the aircraft in very thicka cardboard box, and a native package of good foam (right there is a transparent film on the front side) - everything came in a presentable form, although, probably, a bubble film would not hurt. 20 days.
UPD: Such planes have a problem - as long as the engines do not turn, the plane cannot steer. Usually they put up with it, but in this model, when you turn the steering wheel with gas removed, one of the motors turns on. The effect is rather strange, since being in a roll, the plane can fly well on one engine.
UPD2: There were bugs in control when the plane is located directly next to the transmitter - a lagging reaction to the sticks. As soon as the plane starts to fly, the reaction becomes instantaneous.
UPD: photo: