Raincoat / Jacket by Aliexpress

Good day, my dear readers! This is my second review:) I hope you enjoy it
August 26, ordered a jacket (29.08 the parcel was sent), the parcel received 36 after the order. The order was chosen in black (because in the big city in the autumn it is not practical to wear white outerwear, of course, provided that you do not have your own vehicle) and the size is selected according to the table presented in the seller’s description, this is the size “L” ( and fact differ unfortunately).

I present to you the jacket I received (I apologize for the quality of the photo, because they are made on the phone)

the rest of the PHOTO

The quality of this product is very good (a couplethread sticking on the belt and a pair of the entire product)! This jacket is suitable for not tall girls (because the belt line is very high, almost under the breast). It has not been tested for frost resistance yet, but in principle a small minus can safely endure. The lining comes off and the jacket with fur turns into a raincoat. There are no fur on the sleeves of the lining, but they are also warmed (possibly with fluff). Metal zippers (everything is good both unfastened and fastened). The hood is very small and funny (the head is placed of course, but not beautiful).
CONCLUSION: When buying this jacket, choose a size, or even 2 sizes larger. If you buy this jacket you should not be tall enough to exactly 170 that's for sure! And to have a not very big chest (in “L” with the size of the chest “C” it ​​was fastened with a tensioner я). thank
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