Cheongsam dress: femininity in Chinese style.

To buy a traditional Chinese dress for miniature girls and women, I was pushed by one local review.
True, there was not exactly what I wanted. But I wanted something subtle, feminine, laconic, modest and just beautiful. I had long been eyeing this kind of dress, but something didn’t work and couldn’t, but now I ask you to evaluate whether the wardrobe is successfully completed.

Beautiful, cute dress, sewn well and had toporu.Na site you can choose red, black and white color. I especially like painting on fabric, I originally wanted something dragon-like, but at that time for such a price this dress with floral ornament was the most pleasant.
I actually sometimes unreasonably worry,it seemed, and the size was chosen perfectly, and the colors with the cut, but no, I dream then every dream as if I’m getting a long-awaited dress three sizes bigger. These are my disorders, astral.
And the dress really came in shape, nowhereThere are no hooks and no threads sticking out. My parameters: height 169, OG-88, OT-64, OB-90. Maybe something seems to be not perfect in the photo, but in fact the dress is really good. .
I want to note that on the sides there are cuts19 cm long from the hem, the length of the dress itself is 85 cm, width of shoulders is 35 cm. We quickly sewed up these cuts, and then pornography is completely. The material is written: a mixture of cotton. The dress is decorated with pearls.
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I really liked the dress, both to me and to those around me. Indeed, a worthwhile purchase. Such a modest, but very interesting and original dress can be put on the feast and in the world.
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Now there are quite a variety of models of such a suit. But do not forget that it is not enough just to get such a thing. It must also be able to wear.