“Memory Effect” Pillow

Recently, I was pleased with the acquisition of a “memory effect” pillow.
Very pleased with the purchase! Details and photos - on.
Since there are problems with the spine,I attended to buying an orthopedic pillow. I was advised to filler "Memory Foam" - memory foam. By asking for similar products in the stores of your city, she put off purchasing for a long time. What was my joy when I found a similar product at an affordable price, even with free shipping, on the vast expanses of Aliexpress!

It took me a long time to get a package, about 50 days. Pillow packaging - plastic bag with instruction leaflet. For an additional fee could be ordered with a box. Bag-strawberry - a gift from the seller.

Pillow dimensions are close to the stated - 50 * 30 * 10 / 7CM
About the pillowcase it is written that 100% cotton is unlikely. But the material is pleasant, soft and velvety.

Pillowcase with zipper, sewn carefully.

Inside - "miracle foam"!

It feels like dough to the touch)

There are flaws.

In general, I liked the pillow. The tests were successful - it is really comfortable to sleep on it, the pillow performs its main function. The memory effect is present. A relative bought such a pillow offline - there is no difference to the touch. So the thing is good, you can take it! Now, by the way, this product is 10% off, the price is US $ 16.19
About Memory Foam

Thank you very much for your attention!
All good night and sweet dreams!)
UPD I will add about zapah. The seller warned that the pillow has a slight smell. Opening the bag, I felt a faint odor, which very quickly disappeared without any effort on my part.
I talked to the seller today, he wrote that he has now switched to a different pillow model, which has no smell at all and, in his words, “much better”).