18+ stocking belt

Hello! Today I’ll show you a feminine and attractive detail of a woman’s wardrobe.
For some reason, I still did not have a belt. Stockings mainly used on silicone. But they do not always hold tight, as it were wanted. And I decided to get rid of the discomfort and buy a belt.


My belt model is more suitable foreveryday use. It turns out that a well-chosen belt with stockings can be much more comfortable than tights. In the warm season, if the dress code obliges to close the leg with nylon, it is better to wear stockings with a belt, because it's not so hot in them. Silicone stockings are no matter how well they sit, but they won't be able to stand perfectly on their feet all day, from time to time they have to be corrected.

There is one more important moment when choosingbelts are elastic bands. The less of them, the weaker the support, the more stockings can twist and partially slip. Choosing a belt for every day, it should be at least 4 rubber bands. Clips on elastic bands - plastic, thin. The most reliable clips are metal, but plastic ones can break when put on at the most inopportune moment.

I chose the size of the belt to match the size of the panties. The belt does not squeeze, fits the figure, does not bully and does not twist when walking.

I chose a belt in a lace style, under the same lingerie. You should always try to choose clothes in the same style.
Elastic bands keep their shape well, elastic, do not sag, hold stockings in place. They are also adjustable to the required length.

I usually wear thongs and thong panties to my belt. Before buying a belt, I planned out what clothes I would wear, since this model of the belt is suitable for a dress of a free fit. For tight clothes it is better to choose a seamless model with smooth and thin elastic bands.
It turned out an interesting photo by itself! )

Thanks for attention! See you soon!