Powerbank Romoss Sense 8+ 30000mAh. Many ports, large capacity and support for modern charging protocols.

Overview of the flagship model of portable charging 2018from the company Romoss. One of the most capacious versions in the Sense line at 30000 mAh, with two standard USB-A outputs, one double-sided USB-C port and also microUSB and Lightning inputs. Its distinctive feature is also that it can be charged in a fast mode and charge devices connected to it quickly. There is support for the most popular charging standards: PD3.0 up to 18W, QC3.0 up to 18W, Huawei FCP, MTK-PE 1.1 \ 2.0. More detail further under the cut.

Romoss Sense 8+ (or 8Plus), namelythe hero of this review is called, it was presented at the very beginning of 2018 and appeared almost immediately in China. Before us, the novelty was not very fast, so why is it even difficult to say so. But at the end of the summer, it began selling officially on Tmall with European certification and Russian. This version came to me. Let's start with the packaging. It was sealed in a transparent film and when sending the device, no one checked and tested it. The seal in the form of a sticker was also not cut off. As you can see, all the labels on the label are completely in Russian. Hieroglyphs are not noticed anywhere.

On the reverse side are the specifications:

And on one of the sides there is a familiarfor romoss a protective hologram. We also see a sticker with the release date of the current batch. I got quite a fresh copy of November 12, 2018. At the time of writing this review, exactly one month has passed from this date.

Included by the way, except for the device itself, byessentially nothing more and no. Well, except that, instruction in many languages ​​of the world, including Russian. The usual cable, even a short one, was not found in the box)). The manufacturer decided to save as much as possible in order to keep the price lower than that of competitors.

For a long time I will not talk about appearance, you II think here and see for yourself. The design and shape of the case is a bit clumsy, but what else to expect from such a “brick” at 30000 mAh. Plastic matte white on both sides and gray in the middle. On the front side there is an inscription of the brand Romoss and large numbers 30+. The LED charge level indicator is also installed here. On the reverse side is nothing interesting. Workmanship on the four, there are some flaws assembly, irregularities and burrs of plastic.

By the way, in the new line of external batteries30000mAh capacity, there are several very similar models. They have the same case, for example, Sense 8 and Sense 8+ differ in the presence of a second, fast charge, and Sense 8P and Sense 8P + are exactly the same as in the first case, but with a digital LED display that displays the percentage charge.

The indicator of the review hero is presented as simple,four LEDs. It is possible not only to determine the current capacity of the battery, but also to understand in what mode the process of charging or discharging takes place. In standard modes, i.e. at 5V, the diodes work in orange and in fast ones they work in turquoise. In my opinion, a rather useful feature, in real conditions, will definitely be useful and will be used.

Interfaces are all placed on the top. Here we have two full-fledged USB-A ports for connecting third-party devices, one is colored turquoise (fast port), a universal two-way USB-C port that works for both input and output (fast charging in both directions), microUSB input (with fast charging) and lightning input (without fast charging). A combination of ports for any color and taste. On the opposite side are the technical features.

In the version for the Russian market, it is not indicated anywhereoutput capacity, which we are accustomed to see in many other models of portable charging. Accidentally looking through the offers on taobao, I discovered that depending on the target market, the information in the specification also changes. Those. somewhere it is more, and somewhere it is less. In the Chinese version, the manufacturer indicates the useful output capacity as 19500 mAh when discharging in 5V / 3A mode, and for international - 18000mAh (at 5V / 3A). Later I will check what happens with real tests.

The only control is lonelybutton on the right side. It is needed only to turn on the charge level indicator. It is not necessary to activate the superbank itself, since he does this himself when connecting external devices to any of the outputs.

The device weighs a good 671 grams. Of course with respect to models with a smaller capacity, it looks like a lot. But we are unforgettable that here we have 30000 mAh, and not 20,000 or 10,000. Dimensions are also massive: 167x81x33mm. Such a pocket in the pants just do not diarrhea.

For clarity, made a few photos next to the matchbox:

Let's move on to testing. To begin with, I checked the availability of support for various charging protocols for each of the outputs. Used usb tester WEB-U2 with trigger.
The port numbered # 1, the one that is normal, supports as you can see only the standard charge of the DCP 5V / 1.5A.
Port number # 2, with fast charging, supports: Apple2.4A, Samsung 5V \ 2A, DCP 5V / 1.5A, Vivo dual flash 5v 9v 12v, QC3.0, QC2.0, Huawei FCP 5V, 9V, 12V and MTK-PE 1.1, 2.0.

Port numbered # 3 USB-C, supports: PD3.0 up to 18W (profiles - 5V 2A, 9V 2A, 12V 1.5A), Apple2.4A, Vivo dual flash 5v 9v 12v, QC3.0, QC2.0, Huawei FCP 5V, 9V, 12V and MTK-PE 1.1, 2.0.

The battery can also be charged at the same time.feed third-party devices. Those. purely physically, this function is here and not blocked. But in this usage scenario, the output voltage is far below the acceptable level. Few devices will charge normally. And by the way, this all works only at a voltage of 5V, no fast charging.
Low current mode is also not. The minimum permissible load is 0.087A. Anything less leads to going to sleep.

Now check the output power of each port in separately and together. A normal port can work only at a voltage of 5V, tests were conducted accordingly only with it:
Idling - 5.03B
1А - 4.93В
2А - 4.88В
3А - 4.81В
Peak - 3.48A at 4.75V.
The second port with fast charging and can work from 5V to 12V (took intermediate 5.9 and 12V):

USB-C port also with fast charging (from 5 to 12V):

The maximum current per recoil at 5V is 3.64A, at 9V - 2.36A, at 12V - 1.76A. The stock relative to the nominal values ​​is, but not very large.
When using two or three simultaneouslyport returns only possible with a standard voltage of 5V. Fast charging can work only when one device is connected. The maximum current is totally all the same about 3.5A. The poverbank holds this load for a long time, without leaving to defense.

You can charge sense 8+ with any modern cable. Are you a user of apple products? No question, you can use one Lightning cable to charge your phone and power bank. You have an android with type-c or microUSB, again without any problems you can choose any of them. The model is endowed with three entrances at once, which gives it a special versatility and convenience. If desired, it is possible to connect to the charging immediately through two inputs (say microUSB and Type-C or Lightning or Type-C). True to speed up the process does not work. With a standard charge of 5V, the charge current at the peak does not exceed 2.4A in total.

Standard charging takes 13 hours 51 minutes. Included in the battery about 27300mAh. Better, of course, get a block with fast charging, their cost is not so high (from $ 3 and up).

The process of fast charging takes place at a voltage of 9V and a peak current of up to 2A. Time, respectively, takes much less, just 9 hours and 18 minutes.

Well, the most important test, test for usable output capacity. Since the capacity of the “can” is impressive, we had to use the WEB-U2 USB tester, instead of the more advanced WEB-U2.
The manufacturer promises 18000-19500mAh outputwhen discharged in 5V / 3A mode (15W). Out of habit, I conducted a test in a little lightweight form - 5V / 2A (10W). The tester showed capacity - 22492 mAh or 112.87W.h at the output. In truth, I did not expect that there will be so much. Before starting to write a review, I looked at several others, on similar models with a nominal capacity of 30000 mAh. And there people received at the exit 17000-18000 mAh. The thought crept in that the tester embellished the figures a little. Therefore, I decided to repeat the test of the already proven WEB-U2.

When re-checking again turned out the same result - 22480 mAh or 112.60W.h. Well, then the numbers are real, and this is good news. The efficiency is excellent.

Next, I again discharged the bank, but in the 9V / 2A mode (18W). Out 105.31W.h. What is in the first, that in the second case, the discharge graphs are smooth, without power being dropped.

In conclusion, a lot of things I will not paint, hereyou think and see everything yourself. The model is not for everyday wear, but more as a backup backup power source for long trips to the countryside or somewhere else. Allows you to simultaneously charge up to three devices with a total current of up to 3.5A at 5V. Almost all modern fast charge protocols are supported, including PD3.0, QC3.0, FCP and MTK-PE. I was pleased with the efficiency at the output of almost 22,500 mAh at a discharge of 5 V / 2A.
Yes, of course, the dimensions and weight could be attributed to the minuses, but it is unforgettable that we face 30000 mAh, not 10000 mAh. I'll probably only pretend to the build quality, obviously not at the highest level.
The product on Tmall has ended, so I left an alternative link in the official Romoss store on Aliexpress.