Nice bra

This review will be interesting first of all.Ladies, because it is dedicated to an important element of women's wardrobe :) Lovely men, the New Year has passed, which means it's time to order gifts for February 23 and March 8! On February 23, the subject of the review is definitely not suitable, but show me a woman who will not be delighted with beautiful lingerie on March 8!

So, I made the order on December 11, and today (January 8) I already took the package from the post office. This item is no longer available, but on Ali there are several or the same, or very similar.
Since I am waiting for a lot of orders, I don’t immediatelyI realized what exactly had come: I did not expect that the bra would be neatly packed in a box (!) - not in a bag, and not even in a bag with aeropopyrkas, but in a box, almost like a telephone. I could not resist, gutted at the post office - and immediately saw a corner with soft pink circles :) Well, everything is clear, run home, try on!
Now an important remark. I ordered clothes with caution, because I have a specific size, the ladies will surely understand - 32F or 34DD, i.e. a small volume under the breast and a large cup, so that not all clothes fit me. Plus, there’s a caveat: the laundry shouldn’t stretch too much to provide proper breast support. Yes, the neckline is beautiful, but in everyday life, go and get it :)
But I decided to take a chance! I really wanted beauty, and there were bitter cold weather outside, I didn’t want to go shopping :) The nursing mother wanted to look beautiful! And then the son will climb into the neckline, and there is a bueeee and 2 string bags, how can I completely frustrate him!
The bra taken out of the box pleased me pleasantly. A rare case when a live product is better than the seller’s photo. Photos "flatten" laces and do not convey a delicate peach-pink shade.

For obvious reasons, the photo on the body will not be. Although ... I can catch a cat!
In the middle of it is hanging-swinging brilyant, it can be carefully unpicked, a matter of a couple of seconds and sharp scissors.
Now the main (for me) the beauty of this elementfemale wardrobe. It consists in an increased number of hooks - 4, not 2, as is most often found. Well, suppose, 3 would also be enough, 4 is still not so convenient to fasten, especially if you are not used to it, but! But the support is just wonderful. Nothing crashes, lies softly and firmly.
There are pads “for volume” in the set, but I don’t have :) I gave my daughter on ... pads for dolls :)

The straps are wide and comfortable, but I liked that the cups were “cut out” deeply, i.e. You should not look for T-shirts with small cuts, so that the laundry does not peek out from under them, you can wear a T-shirt.
If you ordered underwear brands Freya or HotMilk (also took it at random online), then this bra corresponds to the size 34DD, our size is 75DD or 70F.
Yes, it is important that the cups are not armor-piercing-thick foam rubber, but simply “for the shape”, it is much more convenient, and it looks more natural.

So I am pleasantly surprised by the quality, at leastno worse than ordered from the UK Freya and Hotmilka (if interesting and not contrary to the rules, I will write the address of the site). Let's see how it will be in a sock, the British are worn year without loss of appearance.
Dear men, I urge you to order your beloved women on March 8 not a bundle of ringlets for a dollar and not a watch for 2.99 on sale. Beautiful lingerie will delight them much more! Just specify the size :)