Simple Black Tank Dress

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I will continue to replenish my reviews of "monochrome" clothing)
Today I want to share my impressions of the black dress, as the seller called it, which turned out not to be a dress at all), but more on that later.
Brief summary: as a dress in the full sense of the word, of course, it will not be possible to wear it (unless you set a goal to find adventures on your second 90), since for tall girls it will be very short, besides, it is very tight and slightly translucent . But in the form of a T-shirt you can wear it, the quality is quite decent, especially for such a price (it was bought for $ 8)

Further details for those who are interested in them.
This dress we saw by chance on sale, priced at $ 8. (now it costs $ 16, at this price it would be unlikely to risk ordering it)
To be honest, I didn't like it in the photo,ordinary synthetic rag. Moreover, the size was only M. Although, by Russian standards, I wear it, but something told me that the Chinese M is a tiny, tiny miniature eMochka). It would be clear to me that it would be short.
But it pleased her husband. And if such a thing, there are no options.
In addition, quite inexpensive, if it does not fit, do not mind.
With the package everything is standard, leave it unattended.
General view of the dress

When I opened the package, my doubts about the size, of course, were confirmed.
The seller size was offered only one - M.
Seller table

Real dress measurements

My height is 176, breast volume 93, waist 65, hips 98.
The length of the dress, of course, is not a dress for me at all, but a T-shirt or a short tunic.
It stretches well, so in the chest, waist and hips, it basically sits normally, although it is tight.
I think it would be better for growth less than 167 and a miniature, chin-like physique.
But if you wear it on a too thin girl, it seems to me that it will sadly droop (as in the photo of the seller)
The quality of the dress was better than I expected.
The composition of the seller is listed as cotton. But since it stretches very well, there clearly is not without polyester or something. Alas, I have long cut off the label and forgot to take a picture.
The fabric is relatively dense, stretches well, but keeps its shape. Looks decent, shines in moderation. Far from the worst that can be found among Chinese rags.
In terms of socks during the day, even pleasedme that was quite comfortable for the body, and not hot. (I assumed that it would be either a flimsy disposable snot, or a harsh synthetics in which it is hot and there is nothing to breathe)
Fabric translucent in the light. Not criminal, but as a dress on the street just will not wear.

Stitched too quite well. Of course, it didn’t do without sticking up threads, but basically the seams are neat.

The straps have fittings for gold. Thank God, without strazikov and other decorations, quite simple. Though not without Kosyachkov, but it looks neat.

In general, everything is quite normal. In our stores, things are often sold, more expensive and much worse quality than this dress. So in general, I am satisfied with the quality.
Next photo in action. (I apologize for the quality of the photo, it is very cloudy today, and no settings have helped my camera "concentrate")
The license of the husband, parents and cat to publish photos received.
As a tunic

As a t-shirt

1) corresponds to the photo of the seller
2) had no foreign odors
3) good quality fabric, accessories and seams
1) sticking threads are present
2) the fabric is a little translucent
3) only one size
4) to wear as a dress to the street looks vulgar
As a dress suitable only for slendergirls of short stature. My personal opinion is that in the form of a dress, even with a suitable size, it can only be worn at home for your man. For these purposes, it fits perfectly, my husband likes it)
And on the street it can be worn as a T-shirt or tunic. Looks pretty decent.
The quality is normal; the thing to wear is comfortable and pleasant. The average T-shirt, bought from us in shopping centers, is not inferior.
You can take it, especially for $ 8.
Black cloak)

PS dear! I want to remind once again) if someone does not like my figure, taste, sense of humor or something else, please do not fall to rudeness and personalization. Let's treat each other with respect
Thanks for attention)