Separate swimsuit in black

Hi everyone! I continue to prepare for hot sunny days and rest on the sea. I will show a separate type of swimsuit with pros and cons.
Among young girls, the most sought afterare separate swimsuits. They not only allow you to get rid of other clothes, to comfortably spend your holidays, but also to demonstrate a magnificent figure. There is also the second side of the medal: a swimsuit can play the role of a traitor, revealing the folds that appear during the long winter, the imperfections of the physique. But he is able to delicately disguise all the true and invented defects in the figure, or it is advantageous to outline the ideal silhouette. Therefore, choosing the right swimsuit is a serious puzzle for every girl.


Well, not the most interesting part - the details.
Delivery of this swimsuit took less than three weeks. Was packaged in a zip-package.
The set in black color, despite not iridescent color, looks attractive.

Size for myself chose S (86/61 / 87cm, height 165cm). The size fit me perfectly.

Bra with ties, with a small foam. Plastic clasp. Sit bra is nice, but slightly stomps chest.

The bottom of the bra is fixed with a black and white elastic band, but it is loosely attached to the body, bristling in some places. Although with active recreation this will not be noticeable.

On the bra and panties there is a label with the size, material and recommendations for washing.
Panties normal, tight, do not shine through the lining. Sit well, without pressure and discomfort.

While I thought up to write a review, the link to the product was not working, here is an alternative, but the price is inadequate. Here
To summarize: the swimsuit sits quite comfortably, the black color is not easily soiled, as a whole I like Minus - weak gum. But our hands are not for boredom, I slightly corrected the minus with a rubber band, shortened it.
Cheers friday! Have a nice weekend everyone!