Replace AA-PB0NC6B AA-PB0NC6B / E AA-PB1NC6B, For SAMSUNG x15 x20 x25 x30 m50 R50 Series, 6-cells

Samsung battery for laptop
A colleague at work asked to order a Samsung laptop battery. His old battery stopped charging at all (the charge was not enough to start the OS!).
The original battery is very expensive, so it wasdecided to buy batteries in China. A colleague himself found a battery on Alliexpres, I just had to order and wait for the parcel. The package arrived quickly. Type of packaging:

Packaging - cardboard, pasted over with yellow tape. Such parcels are very difficult to open.
Inside the parcel was a battery in an antistatic bag, wrapped with several layers of thin foam rubber.

In addition to the battery, the box also contained instructions in English on the one hand and Chinese on the other. Photo instructions in English:

Unpack the battery. The first impression - the battery is made soundly, it looks the same as the original one.
Immediately, there were differences in the eyes.
The internal part of the ordered battery:

The interior of the original battery:

Charge display not signed. The battery flew discharged by 40% (the charge was at least 60%).
Bottom of the battery

There is a sticker on the bottom where warnings are written in English
Now comparison of the ordered battery and the original. In all the photos, the original battery is on the bottom, and the ordered battery is on top.
Upper part of battery:

Battery interior

Here I noticed another difference. If the original battery has a charge indicator signed as a percentage and the “100%” LED is close to the Push button, the indication for the ordered battery starts from the Push button and the “100%” LED is the most distant from the Push button.
Bottom of the battery

Butt end

There is a difference here too. If the groove on the original has a limitation, then the ordered battery does not have it. In principle, this difference has not affected anything. Perhaps the battery is made specifically to fit other notebook models.
Now full-scale tests. The original battery is inserted into the laptop.

Now insert the ordered battery.

They inserted the battery, began to move it and watch ashe sits in his place. A slight play was noticed. But when we inserted the original battery, exactly the same play was present here. That is, until we started testing the ordered battery, we simply did not pay attention to this gap.
Laptop sticker photo:

Battery on the “Chinese electricity” lastedalmost an hour and a half. After fully charging the battery lasted for 2.5 hours. With the original can not be compared, as a colleague bought a laptop with it, and the battery was already decently dead.
Not seen
1) good workmanship
2) good price
Colleague happy. He has been using this battery for several months now, and this, in my opinion, is the best selection criterion.