Xiaomi 313/620 Silicone Warmer price $ 8.45 / $ 11.02

Another game from Xiaomi.
Soon there will be a collection of all Xiaomi products at Mysku, and fans will be able to come for enlightenment.
Now sale of hot-water bottles Xiaomi 313 / 620ml
$ 8.45 for the 313ml version
11.02 $ for 620ml
Free shipping. This price tag is valid for discounts for fans (save the store as a favorite)

For comparison, the price in other Aliexpress stores from $ 9.69 for 313 ml and $ 12.69 for 620 ml.
At gearbest out of stock, at banggood the price is $ 12.19 for 313 ml and $ 15.19 for 620 ml.
In JD.ru version 313ml costs $ 13.99
Well, now about the hot water bottle.
There are two versions to choose from: 313 ml and 620 ml.
The pad material is soft silicone.
The heating pad can be used for heating or cooling. According to the information, it can even be heated in a microwave.

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