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Immediately make a reservation took from another seller, it is alreadyNo, but took at the same price. Let us go through heavy artillery ... Why am I not going there, well, in general, let's start ... I often read reviews and noticed that there are few purchases describing a (heavy) tool. In general, the people are incredulous about such purchases in China. This story began a little over a year ago, a relative broke a chainsaw. And since he lives in his house, which is heated by wood, in general, saw the most valuable tool (considering that we live in the Far East). I wanted a saw more powerful when shopping, it turned out the price of this unit is about 30-40 thousand, and then the order (very big power). And I decided to help this problem. I found this unit, and what is most interesting about the description from that seller is a Canadian who took 2 batches of 10 saws, left excellent reviews. Assuming that he was not at home in Canada, he was not striking matches))) and I decided to buy one, especially since the price is more than pleasant. There was a saw month, the weight of the package was 12 kg. Our gallant post zagylila kilogram (as I understand repair kit). Upon receipt, I made up an act ... and waved my hand, took it anyway. Considering that, according to the seller, one hundred percent original) I understood that in case of anything, you can buy native parts in the store.

Let us proceed to the description:
Single cylinder two impact hair process engine
Capacity: 72 cm3
Cylinder Bore: 52 mm
Stroke: 34 mm
Power (up to ISO 7293): 3.6 kW (4.9 hp) compared to 58 saws can achieve a maximum power of 2 kW on the left and right sides
Idling speed: 2500 RPM
Maximum speed: 12500 RPM | 208 rev / sec can continuous high work revolution, revolution will quickly bring you the best work efficiency
Sound pressure level Lpeq ISO 71821) 102 dB (A) meet ISO standard noise
Sound Lweq power level for ISO 92071) 113 dB (A)
Vibration measurement Aeq for ISO 75051) left handles: 5.2 m / s2 right handle: 7.1 m / s2 low vibration
Ignition system
Magneto electronic ignitions
Spark plug (inhibits type)
Electrode gap: 0.5 mm
Carburetor membrane: take one part of the carburetor diaphragm oil pump
Fuel tank capacity: 0.68 L (680 ml)
Fuel tank machine: 0.36 L (360 ml)
Weight (without guide and chain): 6.6 ~ 6.7 kg | 5.3 horsepower note the weight of the chain 52/58 saws and light, light and yare shape design, work easier
Cutting accessories
Manual length: 20 inches
Network Characteristics: (3/8 ") Fast; 0.063" (1.6 mm)
Brand network: original installation STIHL import chain
Chain lubrication: automatic control of the speed of the rotary pump. Extra manual oil flow control.
I apologize, I took the description from the store, translated the promt, but it seems that everything is clear.

Well, in general, this unit has worked a little over a year, the construction of 5 buildings from prokreazochenyh sleepers, sawing firewood, etc. and after all feels great.
Actually photos of the culprit at the moment:

Well, that's all.
Cons - mail)))
The rest is solid pluses)))