LED ring 20 cm in diameter with a tripod and mounts for $ 19.61 (with a coupon - $ 3)

Hello everyone, I recently wrote a review on the powerfulvideo light, for those who are interested in the issue of highlighting for photos, I suggest to consider this ring. The ring is good because the camera can be located in the center of the light and to achieve uniformity of face lighting. Equalized prices for a ring with a diameter of 20 cm prices start at $ 25. And this is possible without brackets. It's all included. The price itself is cheaper than its competitors. There is only the second store of the same seller with the same product but there are fewer orders. And there is a coupon for 3 bucks from 18! Hurry up, the stock is temporary.

Model: fill light studio ring
Black colour
Dimensions: Minimum working height 30 cm; Maximum working height 102 cm
Fill the light ring with a diameter of 14.5 cm or 20 cm. The length of the tripod legs 30 cm
Brand: Tycipy
Plug standard: European standard plug
Package: Yes
Color temperature: Two-color 3200 K-5600 K
Color Temperature: 3200K-5000K
Lumen: 3000LM
CRI:> 95RA
Brightness Adjustment: 1% -100%
Maximum power: 5W
Voltage: 5V
Effective range: 1meters
Model Number: EL940008A-10
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The price is 19.61 through the application. through the browser a little more expensive

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