Type USB hub from Ugreen. HDMI, RJ45, card readers and 3x USB3.0 ports.

Hello! I once wrote about a tablet that was purchased for work. Also, a tablet was bought for it. She gave the opportunity to use 2 USB ports, but that seemed to us a little. I wanted to increase the functionality, so there was a review of this TypeC hub.

Connectors: 3x USB3.0, microSD and SD card readers, RJ45, HDMI,
Resolution maximum for HDMI 3840 × 2160 @ 30 Hz
Ethernet speed 1000mb / s
Aluminum housing
The hub is delivered in the original cardboard box, which shows the product itself.

The advantages of this hub are drawn on the front side of the box.

Top title

Rear drawn using a hub

as well as information about the producer

There is a QR code for visiting the official site www.ugreen.com/

Included is a manual in English

The hub itself has a sleek aluminum body.

and connector, of course TypeC

Manufacturer's name is written on the body

On the wide side, we will see 3x USB ports, as well as HDMI

On the side we find the input for charging TypeC and RJ45

On the narrow side there are two card readers and an LED

Cable side is nothing

Here to understand the size. how does it lie in the hand

Now measure more accurately

For a long time I will not pull, let's move on to the tests.
I will prepare the device for the test.

First, insert the memory card into the microSD card reader

Now insert a 128 GB Samsung EVO plus memory card

Now check the speed of the SD card reader
Insert the same cards through the adapter
Mixza u3

Samsung EVO plus

Check the speed of the USB ports.
Flash drives 3.0 died or lost, so check on the SSD drive and HDD drive
It is worth pointing out that without additional power they did not start. But with additional power, even my demanding 500GB HDD Transcend wound up.
To check, I insert a 120GB Samsung SSD into the case of the tablet

And here is the old USB 2.0 Transcend

Inserted additional power to the Type C input on the hub, the tablet is charging.

but charging is several times slower than it usually charges.

Watching a movie from a USB disk in 1920 * 1080 resolution turned out easily, without brakes.
Check RJ45
Insert the ethernet cable into the hub and into the router, a network appeared

weird chinese austerities in adapter properties

Check the speed of the Internet, my provider gave only 50 Mbps to my private sector

Now we connect a tablet and a mini-PC via a local network with a gigabit network card
and try to throw the film from one to another

But with the HDMI work check there was a snag. My tablet does not support this mode ... Can someone tell me what crutch?

I downloaded and installed all kinds of drivers from the official site, but it was all useless, I could not transfer the image to the monitor.

On this, perhaps all. Someone said that he is very hot at work. I started playing a movie from a USB drive, after 1.5 hours I checked it was cool. So here. The conclusions are as follows: USB devices have decent speeds, RJ45 works, but I didn’t see the gigabit there, the card readers work fast, the charging mode is also present, but it’s also slow, I didn’t have HDMI, though I think this is a problem with my tablet.
In the comments added photos, I decided to add to the review. Regarding the heating of this hub. I insert 3 flash drives into the hub, plus additional power, plus I launch video from the flash drive. Measure the temperature

And the same thing after an hour of watching the video.

As I said, it is cool.
Thanks for attention. Bye Bye.