Ugreen USB-RS232

Hello everyone, photo review USB - RS 232 from the company Ugreen.
I hope no one is sitting on the dialup?
Why did I buy it?
I am engaged in service of cash equipment.
The adapter is required to work with fiscal registrars,
for updating the firmware of the DF, replacing fiscal drives, etc.

The fact is that a new laptop was issued for work, for which there are no drivers for WIN 7, to which I have already thoroughly got used.
Before that I used a similar adapter from Defender USR 130, but there is no official driver for M $ WIN 10 for it.
Maybe there is an opportunity to use a driver from WIN Vista-7, but I didn’t want to dance with a tambourine.
HK Post Delivery

Photographed on sneakers

PC connection
The accompanying disk has drivers for various operating systems.

The Prolific utility shows that the adapter is made on PL-2303TA


Windows Device Manager

Updated 50+ fiscal registrars.

The adapter works fine, I recommend to purchase.
Deficiencies not identified.