Usb Ttl adapter hassle-free on win 10!

I want to share a find for zhelezyachnikov. Mini review Usb Ttl which works without problems with win10!
Bought for their)
First, a little about the cable itself: This is a wire to establish a connection between a computer and most microcontrollers. With the help of this cable, you can see the info via the console, what is happening on your equipment, of course, on the place where its developers physically pulled out. . In my reviews, you can see it in the photo, I use it to get information, download firmware and enter commands into the router, when it is not available in other ways) Wire as a wire! - What is remarkable about this? It works quietly: without an exclamation mark, rollback of the drivers to the old version, just put in and use. Saving our time.

Pinout of this particular cable:
Red + 5 V
Black gnd
White rxd
Green txd
Inside the adapter not soldered 3.3 V
The wire is flexible, approximately 90 cm in length.
The end of the wires is made under Dupont cable maybe someone come in handy.
A photo

Shipped simply in the package, without nylonscreed, I fastened the tie later! Before that, there was an adapter on the ch340 chip and it was cheaper and there was a choice of power supply, but unfortunately it showed itself not from the best side: either it fell off, then at the same speed, it showed the info normally and could fill up the crackles, and then stopped seeing the equipment.
This copy is assembled on the "prolific pl2303 ta" chip, as evidenced by the passage of a regular inspection. It works without complaints, or rather it just works that you do not pay attention to it.
Additional Information

Perhaps of course I will be the firstI got to know the firmware of the phone with a similar cable on the prolific chip) I redid 2 routers with this wire, you can see in my reviews, perhaps the third router is on the way, here how fortune favors!
That's all! Thanks to all! All success in your endeavors!
P / S People who can flash memory mx29lv640 in the tsop 48 building in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Tolyatti, Rostov write in a personal!