Squeezer for tubes

A great thing for the budget conscious - to squeeze everything from the tube to the end is now simple)
In general, the design is quite simple. Material - aluminum. dimensions:

The principle of operation: clamp the edge of the tube, and turn the shaft with a key.

Clamping the handles in principle is normal, the edges are not so sharp. If you want more comfort, there are similar squeezers with more convenient handles, but they are usually more expensive.

First available tubes. Toothpaste, glue, medical ointment. All was squeezed out well, but still this device is more designed for aluminum tubes. For a plastic tube of toothpaste, for example, does not keep a squeezed shape.



For plastic toothpaste tubes, it’s still better to use dispensers like this.

But for the glue this piece is simply irreplaceable. In the process of using glue, a tube usually looks so wrinkled, it is inconvenient to squeeze out

And so everything is neat after

In general, it is convenient, economical, I think it will pay off)Although it probably already paid off, because I have been using it for a year now, I have already increased everything that is possible. But it’s more of a convenience here, rumpled as in the photo above is a larger tube of glue more convenient now to squeeze out. At that time, this seller had the best price for shipping with the track. Now look at prices from others, someone may be cheaper. The maximum size of a tube to be inserted is 7.8 cm. I have not found a tube that does not fit in the size of the squeezer. More than that is already a bag of mayonnaise, so for him would not have refused from such a thing.