Charger in the cigarette lighter is not for everyone.

Hello dear readers, today a small overview of the device 3-in-1 charger in the cigarette lighter with 3 ports, voltmeter and cigarette lighter socket).
Took this device for one reason, did repairsgenerator on the machine and now, to avoid the situation that I had, you need to periodically observe the voltage of the on-board network. I already had a voltmeter, but it was without a USB port, and I was tired of constantly swapping it and charging it for the recorder and the phone, I decided to combine it and this is what came of it.

I received the package in a standard gray package with a pimple inside, but still the contents were crushed a little. I drove off to rest for two weeks and on my return I decided to see what I got.
The stated characteristics:
Model: SAST AY-T60
Input: 12-24V
Output: 5V 3.1A
Three USB ports, cigarette lighter port and voltmeter.
The device arrived in a box with a window where you can see part of the device. Printing on the level.

On the back of the box there is complete information about the device, its technical characteristics, though everything is in Chinese, to see the product for the domestic market.

On one side is a hologram of originality and a QR code, although the site does not open, although Google indexed it.

The device itself is made and assembled with sufficient quality. On one side is the logo on the second brief characteristics of the device. Contacts are spring loaded.

At the end there is a cigarette lighter socket, one USB port and a voltmeter display, visible only when turned on.

The other two ports are located on the top of the device.

The working part can move in small limits relative to the cigarette lighter socket.
Dimensions of the device.

Understands the device very easily, unscrew the two small screws and carefully separate the halves. Under the spoiler I will put insides from what I could identify this schottky diode SS5P45B on 5A and dc-dc converter CX8813, I did not find the third chip.
Disassembly photos

We now turn to the connection to the car. I took a couple of photos from the car, more clearly this action can be seen on the video.
My findings. The device works as stated, of course, I did not check the maximum current, but I think there will be no problems. Embarrassed by the lack of a fuse in the device, although it may be organized somehow differently. It performs its functions well, but there are questions to ergonomics.

Voltage when connecting 2 devices.

In my car, the device hangs in the connectorcigarette lighter and maybe, I think, to fall on the big jump, also because of the loose fit there will be bad contact, which is not good. But I tried it in my brother's car, also in Chinese), as well as the charger, it does not fall there. In general, it probably suits those who have a cigarette lighter socket is parallel to the floor. Also from the minuses, well, such cosmetic, this is what the plastic is painted in gray color, and in places of contact with the cigarette lighter the paint is erased. In general, I will give this to someone, but you will have to take something simpler for yourself). Thank you all for reading, see you soon.