Rear-view mirror YI Mirror Dash Cam

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And let's see what YI is in the field of recorders? Disassembly, testing, everything, as usual, drove! Under the cut a great review, with a bunch of photos.
Earlier in the car, I used the Eken H9 camera, especially I liked to use it with a variofocal lens, which I put on it in the previous review.

But it so happened, the stars and the planet came togetherturned from a different angle, the official representative of YI decided to offer me a review of this mirror, despite the fact that I wanted to buy it. Coincidence? I do not think. But even p.18 will not stop me from fights, if you read me, you know it. Here I will try to walk carefully on the giblets of the apparatus and in any case I will be objective.
In general, the idea is not new, on this site there are quite a few reviews on analogues ranging from third-party manufacturers and ending with all kinds of basement enterprises. But all in order.
As usual warning:

All responsibility, namely independent penetration into the body of the finished product with the subsequent violation of its integrity of efficiency, lies with the person who committed this action.
From the point of view of recorders, the characteristics of this model can not be called outstanding, but for a model with a built-in rear-view camera it is quite.
Here is a list of what is available in this model:
1. 4.3 inch display with a resolution of 480x800,
2. viewing angle - front 138, rear 120 degrees,
3. have a microphone and speaker,
4. encodes in H.264,
5. There is a built-in accelerometer,
6. support for Android and IOS applications
7. writes in the resolution - before 1080P / 30 frames, 720P / 30 frames back,
8. has WIFI 802.11bgn,
9. support for memory cards up to 64GB.
These are the main characteristics.
I will issue the instruction in English under the spoiler, there it is written about the connection of the rear view camera. And there is a QR link to the application.

The overall appearance is very good, as is the packaging in which the device is supplied. Very presentable.

A shipping film of a matte shade is applied to the mirror, so it will not be possible to use a mirror with it:

On the reverse side there are attachments to the maincar mirror. As well as controls such as on / off button, reset button, rear view camera input, device charging / sync input (represented by miniUSB port) and a slot for a memory card. There is also a single speaker (very loud) and openings for cooling the device:

The eye of the camera can rotate in the mirror body to level the angle of rotation of the mirror relative to the driver.
The reflective properties are very high in no way inferior to the glass, but has a bluish tint:

View of the mirror in the car


In general, after installing on a regular mirror, there appeared a feeling that you are sitting behind a Zil-type truck, it is quite wide.
Contents of delivery
The kit is very rich. Included are a miniUSB cable, a cable for connecting a rear-view camera, the rear-view camera itself, a cigarette lighter power adapter and a mirror mounting kit:

Mounted on two rubber clamps:

Power adapter:

Connector with cable for rear view camera:

and fasteners for her:

Launch and menu
When you start the machine, you can choose from three options for displaying video information on the screen:
1. View from the main camera of the recorder:

2. View from the parking camera:

3. Picture in Picture:

The main menu is represented by four screens:

There is a nice feature for setting, this is a G - sensor, which can be adjusted sensitivity. When driving or stopping, the device itself will start or stop recording, which is convenient.
Slavic languages ​​in the device - no. Only Europe, America and China. And in general, according to the firmware version, it is clear that there is not.
Information about the device, as well as the established password for synchronization with the application:

When connecting the recorder to a computer, the following image is displayed on the recorder:

Checked work only with 32GB memory cards.
In the device manager it is displayed as an external disk and is referred to as DV16 Device V1.00:

The launch of the recorder begins at the time of the start of the car, to activate the rear view camera / parking on the cable there is a conductor for connecting to the positive terminal of the reverse lamp.
Video of work in the afternoon (front and back):

Video of work at night (front and back):

Link to originals video.
The application is simple and clear, you can change all the settings as in the mirror, in general, nothing unusual. Synchronization goes immediately and offers to change the password. Translated application with errors.

And the most anticipated heading in the review (at least for me).
Understands the device is very simple. Along the entire perimeter of the apparatus there is a seam from the convergence of two plastic crusts, by inserting a montage or a thin knife into this seam, you can easily open it. While I was reviewing the device, I opened the case 3 times, for three times the latches did not break or crack, the mirror looks like before the opening.
But let's order:
Here is the external decoration of the device:

WIFI antenna visible:

And speaker:

Main board
The main board is implemented on the processor from JL AC1802AP15247-01A.

Information on this processor is not.
The firmware of the processor is contained in the chip next to, the chip is labeled 25Q32CSIG.

Near the memory card there is a 38CF2 accelerometer chip:

Work with a wireless network is implemented on the basis of the chip from Realtek 8189ETV:

The chip is budget, but it copes well with its task, such chips can be found in inexpensive tablets and all sorts of cheap USB network cards.
Further, on the reverse side you can find the Pixelplus PR2000 chip. This is a microchip that captures video from a rearview camera / car park.

Some information about this beast, torn from their advertising booklet. Datashit could not be found.

Battery charging is implemented on the chip LP28021:

And the last chip on the board is a 1W amplifier SGM4890:

Built-in battery at 240mAh 3.7V:

Under the chip there is a radiator with heat-conducting rubber:

Of interest, the board has a connector underSoldering, the connector designation goes as LED, I suppose that it can be IR illumination in night mode, the board seems to be unified and put in a variety of enclosures, with all the wiring of the connector done.

Main camera
According to the manufacturer, it has 2 megapixels and the resolution is at 1920x1080; it takes pictures at 30 fps. What kind of chip is not clear, something from the category of general China - prom:

An optical filter is present in the optical unit:

The performance matrix has a resolution of 480x800 pixels.

Rear View Camera
The case is held on two latches, and inside everything is flooded with a very hard compound, similar to the black blotches of the microcircuits.

The device will get well this way, like knownoffice YI, and the product does not cause some enthusiasm. Made as a whole is good, it looks good, the idea is good, but the odd film is not so wonderful.
To be honest, I expected a little better result, in general I was surprised to see the JL processor in hardware from famous brands.
Of course, I understand that eminent brands often make simple equipment for undemanding people, but ...
In general, dual feelings. As the mirror looks good, the menu is all affordable and understandable, a rich set of delivery, but it takes off medium. At night, on an unlit part of the road, any car that appears on it looks like a ghost on the record, one feels that there is a lack of a more sensitive sensor, I am silent about the rear camera at night.
Generally the rear camera, in terms of pureparking turned out to be a pleasant bonus. I have never used this kind of equipment, and then nothing is so, especially when it is on the bumper, and not like mine under dirty glass (perhaps the result of shooting would improve at night).
But I did not expect the most important such work from the pilot's main chamber, yes. Removes any worse Eken H9.
In general, while I go, we'll see how it will show itself in operation.
And you guys, I will say this. The choice of the rules in general, but not for the money that is being asked for now, but at a discount but for 50, more than. There are few registrars at this price with a back camera, and not all, to be honest, having a back camera can write from it, this is a big and fat plus.
My God, this hat arrived already in 4.5 days from Moscow, the delivery of some kind of space was simple.
Brighten up your video series with music by Terry S. Teylor.