LCD screen for UT61E

I get attached to things. Especially good. It is always hard for me to throw out something simply because it broke, although it could live. Especially if some easily replaceable part broke. When I accidentally dropped the tester from a height of human growth (do not work with the tester in the pit! It is very easy to throw it into it, slightly pulling on the wire!) And its screen crashed - I was “screwed up and damn annoyed.”

Sure, there is always the option to buy anothertester. But this is firstly a favorite, secondly it is finalized, thirdly it is the first version with the ability to install an external ION, which was done, fourthly, it was taken for 40 bucks with a penny, and now they are sold at 55-60.
Bidapichal looks like this:

Well, I did not take a clean screen, of course.
I tried to somehow shake off the glass with superglue and draw the tracks with a conductive marker from one of my previous reviews (it hasn't dried yet, can you imagine?)

It turned out this:

Better than it was, but not that. In short, “successfully” broke off the corner with the general contacts of all groups. there are 4 or 5 of them - that's exactly what all fell off.
Next was the search for owners of faulty testers who want to part with them. Useless. I even wrote on the site uni-t. Not answered.
Having scratched a turnip, I decided to search for ali shopsselling uni-t products and having in their names a hint of formality. probably wrote in stores 6 or 8, from everywhere they said they said no, we do not sell this. And only one seller named lingling rao from the store UNI-T Global Cross Border Store answered (a) that “need screens for ut61e? no question, I will ask at the factory "in a day I knew the cost, another day it was ordered, after a couple of days it came from the factory and was sent to me. It is clear that I took not one. Pickers' hands, eyes envying, a lot of testers - go nuts, give two! no, three!
20 days on pins and needles. This night I didn’t sleep well, and as soon as I got the job done, I rushed to the post office. He opened the box with shaking hands and was surprised at the package. It can probably be broken only by moving the wheel of a dump truck:

Packing material - well, we make
Displays are new, with a protective film on both sides. Do not forget to remove from the front, but you will have to disassemble in a new way, like me!

Disassembled, assembled, disassembled, tore off the film, assembled - voila!

The display is excellent, contrast, with good viewing angles, in my opinion, even a little better than the mother.
Summing up: If you use this tester a lot in the field, your screen may also break. God forbid, of course, but no one is insured. So, I recommend to buy. 13.5 bucks - a very good price for a restful sleep. And even buying three displays is more profitable than buying another tester “for parts”.
And finally, I want to thank againseller: buddy, God forbid you huge sales and excellent earnings, and in general all the best of luck in life. I really don't know how else to thank you for this joy. In fact, this purchase brought more joy to the sea. I was not so pleased with the 3D printer, although I wanted to buy it sooo for a long time.
Goods purchased for your own with great pleasure. I wish the other owners not to beat their testers, and if suddenly - to find the same intelligent sellers and solve this problem quickly and with high quality and inexpensively.