USB Sound Card or USB DAC PCM2704 Full Function Digital Audio Card Fiber Coaxial Decoder

Good day. Today I want to talk about usb audio card
I love music very much, but the recent trend is that everything turns into a figure, and the sound from the built-in audio card of a computer or laptop leaves much to be desired. And that's putting it mildly ...
That's about it was decided to purchasesound card, well, at least the average level. Looking at the prices for such products of famous manufacturers, to be honest - I was horrified, because the price tags for a normal audio card start from 200 evergreens, unfortunately I’m not friends with a soldering iron, but approximately I represented what I wanted. So on Ali, I found this miracle, but how much a miracle you decide. It’s very hard to describe things related to sound, we all have different ears, to whom the bass “shob rocked”, and to whom it’s the middle and top, so I’ll describe it as objectively as possible.

Well, let's start. There was a map of as many as 45 days, hung up in sorting, and hung there for 15 days, with a sinful affair, I thought that we had lost, but no, to my joy, today she arrived at the post office, and in the morning I ran over the crisp snow to pick it up the yellow bag, from the inside of which everything was “stubborn”. The package was not saved because it was opened and cruelly thrown out without leaving the mail. Inside the package was a cardboard box, the Chinese apparently decided to follow the path of venerable manufacturers and the box is a non-ordinary cardboard with the words of the company (well, Hi-Fi Hi-Fi), it is for the better, I would not have survived the pokemon on the box
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Inside, the card itself and the usb cable are tightly packed in packaging foam
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Neither the drivers nor any papersnishtyakov no more. But the packaging has pleased, it is unlikely that the card will suffer during transportation. The usb cable is quite long, about 1.2 meters, that is suitable for laptops and desktops. On the cable itself there are two usb plugs, one usb A (as in printers, scanners and other animals), the second usb B (standard) first (A) is plugged into the card, the second (B) into the computer / laptop. And it went) Drivers really do not need, the card is recognized by both Windows and Linux as USB AUDIO DAC, the red LED lights up on the card when connected.
Let's go to the connectors on the card itself, hereactually nothing to brag about. Two balanced RCA, optical, coaxial, headphones (well, I mean linear), all inputs are closed with protective caps. Here is a photo of all this farming
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The whole map is built on a PCM2704 chip, not the bestoption, but simple as an ax and time-tested, on it I was looking for a map. Soldering, as far as I can tell, at the level, nothing is hanging with snot, everything is solid, by the way the body of the aluminum card, 8 cross screws on the sides are unscrewed for analysis.
Actually a photo of what's inside
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And now about the sound ... Oh, do not say what I expectedmore, or less, approximately as expected and happened. Compared to the built-in sound card in a laptop, everything has become much more decent, the bass is more elastic and precise, at least some kind of articulation has appeared, the scene is at least not too big, but the accuracy and legibility of the instruments has risen by 30-40 percent, I tested it with headphones: Audio-Technica AD 500, Sennheiser HD 600, Cresyn CS-Hp600, Koss TSE 1. I can honestly say that it became much more pleasant to sound, all the headphones played 20-30 percent better than on the built-in sound, and some (Senhi and Tech ) revealed fully. Many nuances of sound appeared, some were so surprised that I listened several times, words are difficult to convey, it is worth hearing). Unfortunately, the Chinese do not write resistance, and they don’t know, but I think that about 150 ohms, at the headphone output, in general, the headphones sound great. With headphones, the card “sang” perfectly, while I write a review, I listen to old albums and I am surprised more and more how much I didn’t hear. When you connect them to a home speaker system (philips FR976 amplifier and Cambridge Audio NS70 speakers), the sound is much better than if you just plug the whole thing into a laptop, but you don’t feel as much as a CD ...
Conclusion.: if you need a usb card (headphone amplifier) ​​then the option is excellent, if you need a card for your home hi-fi system, then you can take it as a pass-through option, again, don't forget about the prices, there are no analogues for that kind of money, but then will have to pick up something much more expensive and as a result better.
I listen to music most of the time with headphones, so for myself I consider the ideal option. Thank you all for your attention

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