Chinese grinding machine 600W

Overview of the electric grinder 220V / 600W with nozzles for abrasive wheels (125 mm).
A simple tool ala drill with gear and speed control for simple operations for cleaning and surface preparation, use for metal work.
Rare beast - Electric Polishing SandingMachine, polisher from China, with which I would not dare to approach the car. But it is useful when preparing the surface of wooden flooring (to clean the paint or varnish from the floor) or metals before processing (rust). 600W, stated, enough for normal operation. In total there are 6 speeds of adjustment of turns (1… .6), power is regulated within 500… .800W.

Power supply 220V.
Rated power 600W.
Adjustment of turns from 900 to 4500 rpm.
Diameter of grinding discs is 125 mm (there are included a velcro attachment and polishing attachments)
Plug - US type, you need an adapter (Available).
Weight 1.5 kg.
The tool box is homely, wrinkled on delivery.

It was unpleasant that the plug of an American-type instrument - while working with an adapter (white in the photo), which was in the kit, then cut it, lengthen the wire and make a euro plug.

Special preparation of the tool does not require - we screw the nozzle onto the gearbox, we are looking for thin discs.

For work, you will need to install a pen because it is inconvenient to work with one hand (you need to press).

We expose the speed, better is smaller, then as you get used to more.

Drives come cheap from leruamerlen.

Velcro is strong, drive horseradish tear off

They simply stick to the velcro, change as needed. A pack costs about a hundred rubles.

Another tool for comparison.
Perf Makita.


I'm preparing to work.

Instead of video - work gif.

It was necessary to remove the rust from the pipework (large-abrasive attachment P24).

Work really only at 5-6 speed, because there is a lot of rust, and the nozzle is large.

Already sparks fly.

Cleans like a mirror.

Already shines.

Boards before coating can also be ground. It cleans like butter, only sawdust is dark (you need a respirator).

Easy comfortable grinder. Expensive
There is a minus plug US, and an adapter, which is not included in the euro socket. It is necessary to make a normal plug once.
It differs from a network screwdriver by adjusting the speed and the presence of a gearbox.
For grinding speed enough.
And in general, a normal thing. True, the price for it does not fall.
Generally in his the store You can see other tools, there are discount rates.