Glue gun LA813150

Was purchased for $ 27.12 (with coupon, including shipping).

Delivery to Moldova in a little less than 1 month.
Comes in a blister pack wrapped inshipping film foil. The mass of the parcel is about 580 g. The package is common for two models of glue guns - LA813150 (the checkbox is marked with a red marker) and LA813200. The second model, by the way, does not find a search on the site Aliexpress.

Power cord in black plastic sheath,rigid, thick, with the marking “CCC AD87959 60227 IEC 53 (RVV) 300 / 500V 3 × 0.75 mm2”. The length is about 160 cm, but it is comfortable to work only if the socket is located at a distance of no more than 1 m. The plug is Chinese, type I (three flat contacts-knives). The seller provides a universal adapter for European outlets. The adapter is white, massive, of good quality, the Chinese plug does not play in it.

The kit (except for the gun itself) includes another nozzle / nozzle (as indicated on the website) and a wire stand.
The seller put as a probe rod15 cm long. But it was fun, because for this model the gun seems to be 14-15 cm - this is the minimum length of the rod suitable for work. That is, it was possible to “squeeze” only a few drops of glue before the pushing mechanism stopped reaching the rod.
There is a temperature switch: 140-160-180-200-220 ° C. Unfortunately, there is no switch on the gun itself, that is, you can turn it off only by pulling the plug out of the socket.

The nozzle has a valve (metal ball). When the gun warms up, the glue does not leak. However, during operation, when the gun is mounted on the stand, the malicious gravity is me-ee-eaten, and will tear off a drop of glue.
This is my first glue gun, so I have no opportunity to compare. But still I expected a little higher levelexecution. Do not misunderstand, but somewhat annoying are such moments as a coarsely “attached” sticker with specifications, a slight lateral play of the lever, imperfect casting of body parts, in some places sharp corners at the joints, etc. After all, you expect better quality from a brand product.