Compact Digital Clamp AC and DC UT210D

Reviews on current clamp muskiIt is not enough for this model at all. The device was taken to measure currents in a contactless manner, which in some cases is the only way to measure current consumption without disturbing the integrity of the power grid. But first things first.

This device came from the store UNIT OfficialStore on aliexpress. The package arrived in less than a month. It was packed in a package and insulation, for greater safety. The photo shows that the box came intact. Equipment: the multimeter is in a colorful cardboard box, instruction in English, instruction in Chinese, carton with the date of issue (or instrument calibration), an incomprehensible leaflet with my name, address and price of 0.01 dollars (I think for customs), cover , probes and thermocouples for temperature measurement. Batteries included.

photo unpacking

A box with instructions and the rest of the waste paperas unnecessary, thrown into the pantry, the probes are removed in the cover, in the pocket, the multimeter in the cover under the gum. The cover is comfortable, the quality is good. I rarely take the probes, I mainly use the function of measuring with tongs in a non-contact way. However, everything you need in a carrying case fits.

The wire at the soft tips, length 80 cm


Clamp meter, in the hand are comfortable. The mode switch and the tick opening button are conveniently made; everything is under the fingers.

There is light, it is white-moonlight, it turns on for 10-12 seconds, not bright, but enough to take readings in the dark.

Automatic shutdown, when not in use,set to 15 minutes, 1 minute before the tester “falling asleep” a 5-fold beep will be issued. Immediately before disconnecting, you will hear a long beep. If the auto-off feature is deactivated as a reminder, every 15 minutes the tester will emit 5 long beeps.
The auto power off function can be disabled if the instrument is turned on with the select button held down.
But the next time you turn on the auto off function, it will be activated automatically, I think a very convenient solution to prevent the battery from running out of carelessness.
The screw of the battery cover is twisted into a metal sleeve

Pincers open at 16mm, the internal space of closed ticks is about 18mm.

I will try to attach a link to the Russian instruction UT210D, but why I differ in some parameters, I think there is enough information to study, the rest will come with work experience.
UT210D Russian manual
I note the comfortable, in my opinion, properties:
1. Measure AC and DC current.

It has automatic current measurement ranges.(fasting and alternating), current measurement error + - 2% + 3, up to 20 A-10 mA, up to 200 A-100 mA. Actually, for this and ordered. With a normal current consumption in the car in rest mode - 40mA - it is quite possible to control the leakage current
2. Voltmeter (up to 600V) and Ohmmeter

3. There is a dialing sound, checking diodes and capacitors, measuring temperature, measuring frequency

Current measures - ticks. for the rest - the probes in the kit, to measure the temperature, you must use a complete thermocouple.
Constant current shows with - or + so it is important which side to latch the tongs. On ticks is acc. symbol + or - on each side.
Measuring small dc hassome features. Due to the high sensitivity and interference, you need to bring the clamp to the wire, reset the readings to “0” and then cover the desired wire. In advance - you need to choose DC or AC for permanent or alternating.
In the line of the manufacturer, many versions for different ranges. Who will order exactly such - do not confuse the last letter in the model number UT210D.
Some measurements will take on the car.
For the sake of interest, I decided to measure the working currents indifferent modes of operation of the car, as well as a very important parameter as the leakage current. If the so-called leakage current (which is in any car) has “big” values, which occurs quite often in automotive electrics, then immediately the owner of such a car has a lot of problems, ranging from various security system glitches to the discharge of the battery after a short parking cars. In the worst cases, the battery in this case is discharged almost to zero after 1-2 days of parking. All this is also not the best way affects the state of the battery. So the leakage current is important. Most often blame it radio or security system and / or their installation curve. When, for example, it turns out that in the off state the radio tape recorder consumes “large” current values.
It is considered normal when the leakage current on a completely stopped engine and switched off consumers is about 50-80 mA, or close to it.
The leakage current can be measured in two ways. the first. It is necessary to take a multimeter and connect it “to the gap” of the positive or negative wires, i.e. consistently, which is quite inconvenient, you need to remove the terminal from the battery, then restore the strayed settings of the radio, etc. And the second option is to use current clamps. They differ from a simple multimeter, which can also (most preferred) measure the current without disconnecting the line, and without making any discontinuities in it. Those. you simply clasp the plus or minus wire with your tongs, so that it is inside the closed jaws and then you see the current flowing on the screen.
I measured it and got values ​​of about 50-80 mA, which is the norm. At the same time, simultaneously measured the currents in different modes. The values ​​of the current who are interested are presented in the photo.
Leakage current and not extinct cabin light, froze

Without salon light it turned out 0.076 A (later I looked, there was no photo)
Ignition ON

Only dimensions with ignition on

Middle and dimensions with ignition on

This is the maximum that I could squeeze out of all consumers according to the load, the dipped beam was turned on, dimensions, 4-speed stove fan, air conditioner radiator fan

The multimeter measures currents of the order of 10mA, I cannot speak about accuracy here, there is nothing to check the accuracy.
The current on the starter could not measure, perhaps the currentgoes beyond the limits of measurement (200 A) or as quickly as the engine starts to work, the device does not have time to automatically switch to measuring high currents.
At constant it is necessary to reset the readings in the absence of current, the readings vary greatly when the position of the multimeter and wires change.
Also on the alternating current function works VFC.
If you want to determine the presence of a variablevoltage or the presence of an electromagnetic field, bring the front end of the capture of ticks at a distance of 8-15mm from the test object. If the analog AC voltage is below 100V, then the display will show “EF”

if the threshold value is reached, then the displaythe “-“ symbol will appear; depending on the magnitude of the voltage, 4 levels are provided, up to “—-“, and when determining the field intensity, the NCV indicator will flash

The main types of current mites

In my opinion, current tongs turned out to be very multifunctional:
-thoughtful ergonomics
- the automatic machine works quickly
- there are lights
- measurement of small currents
I liked current tongs, they are very convenient in work, I use often.
I hope the review will be useful. I will try to answer the questions in the comments.
I wish you all a pleasant shopping.
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