Screwdriver set overview

Recently faced the problem of parsingplastic case - the mounting screws were located in the holes a little more than the caps of the screws and at a depth of about 100 mm. Something long had to be in the garage, but, not a fact, I will find, and that will do. I solved the problem using an old screwdriver with a double-sided sting and pliers - otherwise the length of the working part of the sting was insufficient. And then he climbed on Ali in search of a normal tool. Who cares - read on

The selection criteria are the following - the length of the working partmore than 100 mm, high-quality metal, fast delivery - since similar works were planned. I chose quickly - everything is fine with a length, the material is S2 steel, delivery to the apartment from a Russian warehouse. After 4 days, the IML courier delivered the plastic bag - did not save the photo, however, if anyone is interested, he has not yet deleted the unpacking video. So, what's inside the package

Additional Information

Additional Information

The total length of interchangeable bits is 180 mm, the working length is from 70 mm to 145 mm (160 mm when installing a hexagonal socket in the handle)

Bits weigh about the same

Hexagon bits standard 6.3 mm, which is very convenient

Head for 10 already used - convenient

The bits on the ends are magnetized, but not all. However, magnetized easily.

Combined handle - white plastic hard, black and red - soft, rubber-like. In the hand is comfortable.

On the handle minor casting defects are noticeable, however, they do not interfere with the work.
The handle is equipped with a bit lock, allowing you to change the length of the working part in 5 mm increments, and the ratchet into three positions.
The material is plastic and aluminum alloy, soI'm not sure that this mechanism will withstand a serious load, but it will break down - I will fix in the middle position - I don’t need a rattle very much, but the six-sided socket in the handle is a steel one, and can easily transfer a decent moment. In general, if you use “according to the mind,” and not as much as we love, everything should work ...
The inscriptions on the grip are not very readable from the beginning, I think they will be erased very quickly - but who reads them?
A cover from dense synthetic fabric. Stitched, between layers, probably cardboard or plastic. The cover can be hung on a hook (nail), or a belt, however, for me, it will be on the table or in the trunk.
And finally - in the screwdriver it is also very convenient to use, if you need to unscrew / twist something in the depths.

What can I add - unscrewed-spun with fiftyscrews and 8 nuts on 10 - the appearance of the bits has not changed. The most unreliable, according to the sensations part, this ratchet - for me not the most important - will break - block.
Can I recommend this set - I do not know - I like it, but the price is not small, and there is a sense to buy only when a large (or adjustable) length of the working part is required.