Laser roulette Sndway SW-T 60 or how to make your life easier and save time at home measurements.

Hello. In this mini-review - recall, I would like to talk a little about the rangefinder, which recently has often caught your eye. It will be about a range finder or a laser roulette SNDWAY WT-T 60 with a range of up to 60 m. I bought it for home use, as I had just started a small repair at home and would like to share my impressions about using such a tape measure.

I used to think that this kind of laser rouletteMust be expensive and hard to beat afford. Well, as an ordinary Slavic man, I saved on such a thing. Although, if you think about it, ordinary roulettes cost well not a little, but if we talk about a roulette wheel by 50-60 meters, then it will cost even more expensive than such a laser, and the convenience of handling it will significantly lose the observed laser.

Roulette comes in a neat box (although my little shook on the way)

The side shows the range of the model.

And on the back there are some roulette features.

Measurement range: from 0.05 to 100 m (my model is up to 60 meters)
Accuracy: ± 2 mm
Laser class: class II 635nm
Maximum laser power: <1 mW
Max. data storage: 30 units
Dust and spray protection: IP 54
Auto power off: 150 s
Work temperature: 0 ~ 40 ° С
Storage temperature: -20 ~ 60 °
Power supply: 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries (not included)
Size: 112x50x25 mm
High accuracy: ± 2 mm
Instant measurement of distance, area and volume
Wide range of units of measurement (meter, foot, inch with a choice of degrees of rounding readings)
Automatic calculation of area and volume, as well as measurements of the sides of a triangle using the Pythagorean theorem
Single / Continuous measurement
Max / Minimum tracking distance (value on display)
Mathematical Functions with Measurements: Addition / Subtraction Measurement
Measurement memory.
Bubble level
Sound signal
Auto / manual power off
Look inside

Included we have:
- laser roulette itself
- tight case
- lanyard
- reflector card for clearer measurements (bank card format)
- detailed instructions in English
The set was pleased with the presence of a sufficiently high-quality case and strap - small things, but nice!

The case is tight, with elastic bands on the sides

And tightly fastened Velcro

The case also has a loop for fastening on a belt.

The reflector card looks like this.

Reflector will facilitate the work on measurements on dark light-absorbing surfaces.
Instructions in this roulette, I would advise to readTo those who, like me, have never used such roulettes, everything is clearly and clearly described there. For those who have already dealt with rangefinders, this may not be necessary.

So, we come to the roulette Sndway WT-T 60

Its dimensions are 112x50x25 mm and weight is 250 grams. The body is made of matte plastic. Plastic is quite good quality without smell and other unpleasant moments. The shells of the WT models are the same and differ only in the color of the decorative strip around the device. The roulette buttons are convex, with a glossy, absolutely non-slippery surface. I would characterize the pressing force as “above average”, you still have to tangibly press the button to make it work.
The model is also equipped with a small bubble level.
Lanyard mount on the right side

Left side without add. constructions

On the back of the label with a characteristic laser - 2nd class, a wavelength of 650 nm and a maximum power of <1 mW.

Powered Tape Measure AAA Batteries

At the end - emitter and pickup lenses

Go through a little management

READ button - short press to switch on the roulette wheel, to perform the measurement. Holding translates the tape into dynamic distance measurement mode.
The "+" button is the summation of roulette readings. This applies to both distance measurements and measurements of volumes and areas. The function is convenient because, for example, when measuring the distance, you can measure it in parts and for that there is no need to buy a device with a range of up to 100 m.
The "-" button - subtracting roulette measurements. Similar to the "+" button
Cube button - select the mode of operationroulettes when measuring the area, volume or calculating the length of the leg or hypotenuse by the Pythagorean theorem (for me personally, not relevant, but there is this function is not sorry)
A button with a picture of a floppy disk - a short press allows you to view the archive of measurements. Long press - saves the measurement.
Lower left button with a picture of a tape measure and a beamlaser - the choice of the reference point of measurement from the base of the roulette, if you measure the height to the ceiling, for example, and at the same time put the tape on the floor. Or counting from the top of the roulette (the exit point of the laser beam). Long press - select the unit of measurement.
The "Off Clear" button - hold on the working screen - turn off the roulette wheel. In the mode of viewing the archive of measurements, a short press deletes one measurement, and hold - deletes all measurements from the archive.
As for the measurements themselves, then their workRoulette performs fairly well. The manufacturer’s tolerance is ± 2 mm. At the same time, there is a manual calibration mode in which a change in instrument operation by ± 9 mm is available.
The device can measure the distance in meters, inches and feet. At that, the choice of the number of decimal places in the dimension is also available.

On the working screen, the display of 4 recent measurements is available.

For subsequent measurements, the previous measurement is deleted and a new one is displayed instead.
The screen also reflects the mode you chose, the charge level of the batteries and the measuring point of measurement.
From the top of the roulette wheel

Or from the bottom

The backlight of the screen is lit for 15 seconds, then turns off
In this case, the screen is an example of subtraction.distances. Having made the first measurement, we press the "-" button, we make the second measurement and we receive from the difference on the screen. I repeat that this function also works with the measurement of volumes and areas.

If you hold the save button for 3 seconds, the number assigned to the saved measurement will appear on the top of the screen.

As for the measurement function of geometric shapes, when you press the cube button, we can select the measurement mode:
Square Icon - Area Measurement

Cube Icon - Volume Measurement

With this on the icon flashes the side of the figure, the measurement of which must be made.
Triangle icon - measurement of one of its sides

Roulette uses the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the sides of a triangle, so here we are talking about the length of the side, and not about calculating the volume!
In the text, it certainly looks dry. In the illustrations will be much clearer:

On this with the narrative we have finished and we can summarize.
I am very pleased with this acquisition. Of course, it is necessary to adapt to it, but such a laser tape measure greatly simplifies and speeds up the measurement process, besides, by the way, the functions of measuring area and volume are great - great stuff! I did not find the use of the function of working with the sides of a triangle, but the illustrations show how they can be used. I also liked the quality of plastic and the kit. Someone may say that $ 24 for such a rangefinder is expensive. Yes, it is not very cheap, but ordinary roulettes cost money, moreover, if you suddenly want a roulette wheel of 50-60 meters, and it will become almost more expensive than such a laser, the usability of which is clearly higher.
In general, you decide, but personally I am very pleased with the purchase!
P.S. On SNDWAY roulette there were a lot of reviews on mysku. The author nemoi13 was clearly shown that these roulettes work well and in bright conditions, which many fear when choosing such devices.
Thanks for attention.