Laser range finder GOLDBLATT GBM-15

Express review of the recent Friday-discount "$ 10" laser rangefinder.
The main problem (instance?) - the result is overestimated by 7 mm. I hope other owners will comment.
upd. It seems that the problem of the whole party, or at least a massive one, is also found in the responses to Ali.

At the same time added a few shots of giblets.
I drove to the house for 8 days local (from the Russian Federation)delivery of some kind of IML. They work in the “best” traditions - the call “we came here to you - is there anyone at home?”, Or rather they rang for 15 minutes, in the morning there was also an SMS about the transfer to the courier. No preliminary approvals and so forth, in general, lucky that I was at home.
Came in a blister lying in a healthy cardboard box without any seals, tightened in a thin package (not shown).

Inside the device itself and two alkaline AAA batteries, as well as a sheet with instructions in English. No instructions found, except for rebuses on the back of the package.

Type of device:

red - plastic, matte / slightly rough, black - rubberized, quite thick.

Beam view in 2 and 10 meters:

The screen displays two values, the previous one and the current one or the fixed one.

There is also a battery indicator, it is shown thatmeasurement is conducted from the rear face of the case (apparently the screen is unified with some older models) and there is an indication of the continuous measurement mode (an asterisk in the corner).
One-button control. It is activated by short pressing, then the first short pressing records the result, the second includes continuous measurement.
pressing 3 seconds in a cycle switches the units of measurement in 4 variants:

  • metric with 1mm resolution
  • inches with natural fractions
  • feet with decimals
  • fps

it remembers this setting after switching off (and even after briefly pulling out the batteries).
Pressing 5 seconds - shutdown (before this, the switching of units flashes, but it is not remembered).
Declared auto power off after 3 minutes.
The measurement is (supposedly) from the rear face of the case, is not configured.
The minimum distance from 160mm.
The maximum is up to 16-17 meters, with further removal of the readings over a meter increase by 10 meters.
The frequency of measurements is quite high, at least 5 times per second.
It consumes in the off form something like 2mkA.
Included when measuring 200mA, with a fixed result of 140mA.
With accuracy, there is crap, an offset of + 7mm in the range from 160 to 1000mm, I did not check further. What to do with it is not clear (remember and take into account perhaps?)
upd. Gutted, but to no avail.
Under the lid:

Screen Marking:

Fee # 1:

Fee # 2:

Module from the back:

Everything interesting is on the back of the board.# 1, but the board # 2 is not only screwed, but also seems to be soldered to the emitter-receiver, it did not want to be removed, but the boards were soldered together, so it was not possible to get there.