Laser range finder SNDWAY SW-S50. A small review and comparison with the popular SNDWAY SW-T60

Today I have a laser rangefinder SNDWAY SW-S50 on my review.
And I will compare it with the SNDWAY SW-T60 I already have
In short, buying moreexpensive S50 makes sense in the case when you need a rangefinder for professional activities. For everything else, more than enough, range finder T

For those who do not know what the difference between the series in SNDWAY:
T - the easiest
E - + thread for a tripod and a little more buttons.
S - color display, folding bracket, tripod thread, electronic level, computer connection. There are models with a video camera.
Another retreat:
You already have reviews on this range:
And these reviews are quite detailed. I just can not compete with them. But since this rangefinder was traveling to me at the time of the reviews, I could not refuse it. In addition, with each new review, I realized that I simply had nothing to write something new about these rangefinder models. It is very demotivating. But since I have already promised to make a review of this product, I am doing it. I apologize in advance for the scarcity of the review. But I just do not see the point of repeating myself. And I can not think of something new. Therefore, you can throw tomatoes. I will take it.
Well now to the review:
The surveyed S50 has the following specifications:
1. Working range of measurement: from 0.05 to 50 meters
2. Accuracy: ± 2 mm
3. Choice of unit: M, feet, inches
4. Minimum display: 1 mm
5. Laser: class 2, <1 mW
6. Laser wavelength: 635 nm
7. Tilt angle: ± 90 °
8. Record measurements: 100 pcs.
9. Self-calibration: -9 mm to + 9 mm
10. Automatic backlight: 5 - 60 s
11. Pulse laser: 20-120 s
12. Automatic shutdown: 100 - 300 s
13. Storage temperature range: -20 ~ + 60 degrees
14. Operating temperature range: 0 ~ + 40 degrees
15. Storage Humidity: 85%
16. Dust and spray protection: IP54
17 Power supply: 3 × 1.2 V 800 mAh Ni-MH (included) A rangefinder comes to the buyer in the box, in which besides the range finder there is a case, CD with software, 3 batteries, USB cord, instructions, warranty and lanyard:


USB cable:

CD with software:


The rangefinder itself:
On the front side there is a screen and 10 buttons.

Rear hole threaded under the tripod and the battery cover:

Above there is a lens and a laser:

Bottom retractable pin 28 mm and 6 mm wide, for measurements from impoverishment. You can set the zero point from it:

On the left side, under the rubber plug, there is a MicroUSB port that serves to charge the batteries and connect to a computer:

Range finder size:

In the hand looks like this:

In terms of functionality, the following functions are declared:
Instant measurement of distance, area and volume with one button
wide measuring range
High accuracy: ± 2 mm (0.079 inch)
Automatic area and volume calculation
Indirect measurement using the Pythagorean theorem
Single / Continuous measurement
Max / Minimum tracking distance (value on display)
Easy add / subtract measurement
set with lacing in front / behind the standard
Choice meter (m), inch (in) and feet (m)
data warehouse / Recall function
Data hold / transparent function
Electronic level
In fact, all this is also in the T-series of these rangefinders. Accuracy and functionality is shown and proved by a bunch of reviews. But who cares, here is a visual comparison of the SNDWAY-S50 and SNDWAY-T60:
The first thing you notice is different sizes. And the S50's larger color screen:

The lenses are slightly different:

The T60 has a bubble level. The S50 level is electronic and is always present on the screen:

T60 works from two AAA and S50 batteries from three AAA batteries and has an opening for mounting on a tripod:

In terms of functionality, there are no particular differences. The difference in price between the models is primarily due to the possibility of connecting to a PC and a large color screen.
Personally, I have this rangefinder immediately after the arrivalwent to work. Now I am doing repairs in the apartment of my daughter, and the range finder in conjunction with the laser level helps a lot. That was just yesterday wallpaper glue. The ceiling in the old Khrushchev is not the most even, height differences in different corners are 2-3 centimeters. In order not to jump with a tape measure, I put the range finder on the floor, shoot to the ceiling and cut the wallpaper exactly 1 centimeter from what I intended. For stock.

Glue the wallpaper on the wall already helps laser level.
Thus, in a bundle rangefinder + level pasted wallpaper in two rooms. And I can say for sure that these are convenient tools even in ordinary life.
Such is the under-review. Just want measurements, buy the T series, the same SNDWAY-T40 or T60. If you want a large color screen, the ability to upload measurements to a PC and the ability to set the rangefinder on a tripod, buy the S series. Or you can simply measure in the old fashioned way with a conventional tape measure and not steam.
That's all. I wish you all a good Saturday evening. And I went to glue the wallpaper.
If, together with the order, write a message to the seller with the text “33333”, then he will add a bubble level to the order as a gift. Here is this: