NICEHCK EB2 In-Ear Headphones | quick review.

Hello everyone, today I will talk aboutIn-ear headphones from NiceHCK store, model EB2. I would not attribute these headphones to quite budget models, the price tag is not the same, and the sound quality is very good.
The EB2 is a simple earpiece without a microphone, the body is made of metal, 1 dynamic emitter is installed inside (diameter 14.8 mm). They are available in two colors to choose from (black / silver).

In general, I have not reviewed the liners for a long time, so I think to resume the rubric :)
Resistance: 32 ohm
Headphone sensitivity: 116dB / mw
Frequency range: 15-25000 Hz
Cable Length: 1.2m
Color: black / silver
Microphone: no
Driver type: dynamic, 14.8 mm
Enclosures: metal
Wow, it seems the Chinese have listened, nowinstead of simple covers and transparent bags - a full box of cardboard, with a pleasant design, with information on the characteristics and the manufacturer, offset

The only thing is that it is inconvenient to open the box and I even tore it up a little.
On the side of the store info:

Marked color:

On the reverse side all the characteristics are nice, however, even the diameter of the radiator is indicated:

Inside is already familiar from the model EB200 case onlightning Case-case for carrying and storing headphones, it is very tight and pleasant to the touch. Also, there is a store logo, nice, not nameless, okay :)

Inside, of course, there is a mesh pocket. In the kit: nozzles, clothespin, headphones themselves.

Clothespin standard (plastic), nozzles of two types (solid and bagels), quite dense.

The cable is gorgeous and has no questions. Silicone braid does not remember the form and in general the cable is not inclined to get confused. When you take the headphones in your hands, it feels like the cable straightens on its own, well, there is such an effect. There is of course a small microphone effect from the divider and when the cable is rubbing against clothing.

Straight aluminum plug with the manufacturer’s name. There is a cambric protection.

The divider is made in a rectangular shape, also made of metal, the name EB2 is already here:

Runner on the idea should remember the position, but sometimes jumps.
The cases are made of aluminum, resemble the shape of a budget headphones from Faaeal (and many who have used the same).
Label L-R is made in the form of color symbols.

The long cable outlet is securely fastened, but traces of glue are visible at the junction, in general the joint is not ideal.
Otherwise, the usual body of small size, sat down in the ears as it should.

Noise isolation can say no, well, no wonder.
They sit down as I said elegant, do not fall out, do not cause discomfort.

There is nothing more to add, from the series I purchased and use it. High quality cases, elegant wire.
I didn’t come across noises and lack of volume (32 ohms), you can connect to smartphones, to Ruizu, Sansa Clip players, there will be enough power.
Sound source: Daart Canary DAC and Shanling M0 player.
Inserts sound good, detailed, but they are not in my taste. The sound is neutral, after listening to the Fengru EMX500S you take the EB2 and think of yourself - where is the bass itself?
There is no deep bass in these headphones, the bass is somewhereremotely there, but you need to literally listen to him, that is, it is to feel the bass here will not work. At the same time, the low frequencies sound neat, detailed and without dirt. The sound for me personally is incredibly boring.
The mids are super, they are very detailed, withgood resolution and with decent work tools. Because of the lethargic bass, it seems that the middle one sticks out a bit, it is. If we take for comparing Qian 25 and EMX500S, here EB2 sounds better to my ears, honest mids. The scene is wide, but not enough volume and presence effect. Well-behaved classical music, blues, country, instrumental. String musical instruments sound natural. The voices are realistically transmitted, but as for me, I have gone too far with the vocal, on some tracks the vocalist squeals and shouts directly into your ears.
For high short, HF is not just a tick here, the top is detailed, resolution, intelligibility, length - all this is.
By the number - you can listen, they stick out not so much. But it is better to buy other inserts.
To summarize: they sound like I already said - excellent, but unfortunately not universal. Light, detailed earbuds, with very clean and detailed sound. From memory EB200 and YINCROW RW-9 played a little worse.
If you didn’t have such headphones at all, you shouldn’t buy EB2, let those people who cook in this subject buy, and maybe they will go to someone.
And that's all, thank you for your attention.