Little tip on Bluedio UFO headphones with 11-11 sales

Fans of reviews in accordance with p.18 please ignore this text.
Rationale for the purchase
On 11-11, I wanted to please myself wirelesssound, the toad agreed to the price of up to 3 thousand rubles. Just wrote in the search for Ali, looked at what is suitable for the price and stopped on these. With the coupon should have been quite acceptable. There was no such discount for the UFO 2 version - it cost more than 4000, somehow it was not considered by other manufacturers. Looked through reviews, reviews laudatory, some even claimed that "the best sound in this price category." We also mentioned super-quality bass, and I listen mostly to electronic music via Internet radio (proton or frisky), so I don’t need any modern audio technology or special cables for audiophiles. From mp3 as 128 kbps there is no super-duper sound, which headphones do not take.

Earphones in advance added to the basket in the officialstore bluedio. However, a couple of minutes after the start of the sale, they disappeared and became available only at the original inflated price of> 8,000 rubles. So I simply found them in another store and ordered them there. Delivery from Russia iml, arrived in 6 days.
Now the price in that store is $ 68, i.e. ~ 4500 rubles.

A couple of words about packaging
Packed in a branded cardboard box, then inbeautiful box that can be set in the store. Inside the semi-rigid case in the cradle, in the case there is a cradle covered with cloth where the folded headphones fit. It reminded me of the tale of Koshchey, while I opened it, especially since I couldn’t open the “beautiful” box - I had to cut it. So if your package is not intentionally playing football, it will reach intact. There is a scratch code on the box, which can be checked on the bluedio website from fakes. As far as this code helps, I find it difficult to answer, but my box of headphones checked the test. Included is a wire for charging (it seems microusb), an audio cable of 3.5 mm and beautiful instructions in several languages ​​(including Russian).

Well, now the most interesting. There were no problems with the connection, so I immediately turned on ... and also turned on the radio. And, frankly, saddened. Remember that feeling when you pass by a low dvenashka, half the cost of which is a subwoofer? Well, when do you hear only boo-boo and clang of the trunk lid? That was my first impression as if I got into this car. Bass is my homage. Clear, loud, powerful, etc. - but there is a lot of it. To hear anything other than bass, I had to install an equalizer. Otherwise, it was necessary to increase the volume, and after half an hour of listening the head began to ache. In general, I already thought that I would have to sell them on Avito, since well, it’s really hard to listen. Nevertheless, in a number of reviews it was said that they should be “warmed up” and then they would “play out”. I never really believed in that, but it was possible to listen with an equalizer, so I continued to use ...
And after about a couple of weeks, I noticed thatI do not touch the equalizer. I went in - and there everything is centered. Either really warmed up, or my head got used. I do not know. They sound great. Well, seriously, my favorite songs, on which I usually listen to something to evaluate - just 10/10. Bass, as it were, detailed and surround, no wheezing or hissing - the most juicy and pleasant. Average "pulled up" where necessary and also do not cause complaints. Sometimes you have to do it louder or louder in some places, apparently certain frequencies of bass headphones play a little louder, but overall I am completely satisfied with the sound. Compare with Sony MDR-XB700 and HD 668B.
Well, here are the tracks for "checking":
Ponicz - West Coasting
Coerce - Merkava
Spor - Pacifica (Chasing Shadows remix)
Additional points:
The smartphone shows the charge level in increments often%. Charged for 20-30 minutes, on the side during the charge the red indicator is lit, the full charge will turn blue. After 8 hours of listening showed a charge of 40%.
According to ergonomics, they are very comfortable, gently fallon my ears, my head is comfortable too. Ears "do not sweat." Every half hour or hour you need to take off the headphones and slightly knead the top of the ears, apparently my ear shape doesn’t fit the headphones a bit. When listening to no discomfort. I tried to adjust the cups for a long time, pushing them out of the arches, putting the headphones on in different ways, but apparently I have the shape of my ears.
Look quite fragile, ambushures arecontinuation of the cup, that is, just throw on the sofa or on the table will not work. With their design, they say that they need to be handled with care. I saw on the net an angry comment in the style of “I accidentally sat on them and they broke,” then you can only laugh, but in any case, falling on a hard surface may not survive.
The control buttons on the right cup work as they should, but they are hard not to confuse blindly. The manufacturer could put small dots on them and a circle on the center button, it would be easier.
The range of work on purpose did not check, 5 meters away from the smartphone, everything is in order.
It’s uncomfortable to hold on one ear, now I immediately take it off, if you need to talk about something.

As a result, I recommend to buy, wait for discounts up to 3500 r and below.