Rainproof umbrella “Rain Smile”

Hello! Today I will tell about my new accessory - the waterproof umbrella “Rain Smile”. Honestly, this product is in my piggy bank from the category of those whom I am pleased with as an elephant))) But about everything in more detail under the cut. Welcome!
Of course, an umbrella is an accessory that is not onlyshould complement our image, but also serve us faithfully, so to speak. I read a lot at one time about how to choose an umbrella and always wanted to try one that you can put into a bag right after the rain or put a car on the seat, rather than throwing it on the floor next to it, for fear of wetting everything around. On the store's website, you can choose a different color scheme, I liked - blue.

Well, I'll start))) The package arrived by Russian post in 2.5 weeks. It was packed soundly
Did not regret the double oilcloth with air bubbles for safe transportation.
The box itself has the shape of a voluminous oblong triangle.
The box is quite presentable - can be purchased as a gift. Opens uncomplicated.
After that, the umbrella is packed in a transparent plastic tube.
On the package all the information about the product in Chinese. At the bottom of the package is indicated the size of the umbrella in the height in the opened form - 53 cm.
Next, the umbrella is packed in the same waterproof (judging by the tactile sensations) cover.
On the case, as well as on the box, the tube, the peak of the dome shows the logo of the company in the form of cats.
Also on the case there is a label with the name of the model and a loop, apparently for easy storage.
Three labels are attached to the handle of the umbrella.The handle of the umbrella organically lies in the hand, it is made of slightly rubberized material to prevent slipping in the hand.for ease of carrying there is a rubber band.Well, here is the umbrella without a cover.Its size when folded is 23 cm. For compactness, it, like all umbrellas, is assembled and closed with a belt with a button.The button is metal, it closes tightly, and the firm's icon is just as beautifully located on it.All the lines, as it was already possible to see in other photos, are stitched exactly, qualitatively, without any sticking threads.The ends of the needles plastic, processed carefully. I think that there will be no problems with torn fabric.
Now let's talk about the mechanism itself. The strength of the mechanism depends on the number of knees on the leg and needles. The service life of the umbrella also depends on the mechanism for opening and closing the umbrella. The most practical and durable is considered to be a mechanical umbrella (which it is): it opens and folds manually, without the help of buttons and springs, by pulling up / down. Of course, nowadays, many are accustomed to the convenience of an automatic and semi-automatic machine, but such a mechanism is less durable. Therefore, for me, this umbrella mechanism is closer.
Here is an umbrella in the expanded form. Umbrella dome in the opened form - 95 cm.
The umbrella weighs 240 grams, so it is easy to carry. The skeleton is made of 8 knitting needles, which makes it resistant to wind.
The spokes of this accessory are fiberglast, which also indicates its resistance to wind and durability of the mechanism.
Production material - nano-hydrophobicimpermeable fabric with OTS coating, so the drops just flow down along it, while the umbrella itself remains completely dry, which also helps prevent 99% of UV from the SPF50.
This is what remains after such a stream of water.What we just shake and put the umbrella in the bag)))
And it looks good too - nothing more.
It's time to write conclusions. I am very pleased with the umbrella: high-quality, it doesn’t get wet at all, which allows you to immediately put it in your bag, and not go and shake, and then wait for it to dry out, thanks to the mechanism and materials of manufacture, even the wind is not terrible. The disadvantages can only be attributed to the fact that it is not an automaton, but this is a matter of habit and convenience, as for me - it’s even a plus - it will last longer. Knowing our winter in recent years - I'm ready for it! Such an umbrella is a great gift!
If someone did not have enough information, then on the store's website there is a good video about the properties of this accessory.
All warmth and good shopping!
Thank you for watching!