A good copy of Monster Cable Beats by Dr.Dre Pro (many photos)

Hello dear readers, I want to share withyou experience operating pretty good headphones Beats by Dr.Dre Pro. In short, a great copy, almost the same as the original. Anyone interested, please under the cat.
I read a lot about copies of Monster Cable products, and in the end I decided to check for myself whether the game is worth the candle.

Made an order 29/06/2012 delivery chose HongKong Post Air Parcel, but sent via China Post Air Parcel.
Received July 25, 2012
Here is the track number (RA547958473CN), if anyone is interested in viewing the entire path of the headphones.
Unfortunately I didn’t do the packaging, because I didn’t think that I would write a review, but in words I’ll tell you, the headphones came in a big black bag, inside there was a cardboard box in the pimple layer, and there was a package with headphones wrapped in two more pimples, thanks to which it practically did not suffer.

The packaging was in the factory film, which removedproceeded to inspect the culprit review. The box is double, the printing is pleasant, bright, clear, the inner box on the magnets, when opened, folds into 2 halves, on the right are the headphones (packed in film) and a leather case for carrying (packed in its own box), all covered with a plastic protective cover. On the left side of the box there is a compartment (on velcro) in which there was a replaceable wire (the length of which is 1.4 m length can vary up to 1.6 m thanks to twisted inset) 6.3 mm adapter, user manual, advertising booklets, wiping cloth.
For a complete set I put 9 out of 10 (the originals have a couple more booklets, but these are just my quibbles)

Now consider the build quality and materials. Ears are collected quite well, there are small claims to fit the parts, and small backlashes (however, such flaws are found on the originals). The ear cushions and headband are sheathed with very high quality and soft leather, the polygraphy on the headband is very high quality. The body is made of aluminum and sometimes made of plastic. Hinges work fine, nothing jams. The wire is replaceable, and it can be connected to any of the two cups (while the other cup automatically becomes a sound output), the connector is L-shaped, aluminum 3.5 mm with gold plating. A 6.3 mm adapter is not inserted, but wound. The dynamics in the cups are protected by a cloth. Cover material - dense to kozhezam, with good polygraphy.
For the quality of the assembly and materials I put 7 out of 10(nevertheless, fitting in places is not ideal, there are also small gaps, I don’t understand people who take originals with similar defects for a sum of 500 - 600 conventional units).

Consider ergonomics and usability. They sit comfortably on the ears, they are adjusted to any head size, they do not feel the weight at all, they do not press on the ears, you can listen to it for hours, take up little space when folded, and the aluminum construction gives you good rigidity. When carrying do not fear small blows.
For ergonomics and usability I put 10 out of 10.

Now the sweetest sound quality, whileI would like to quote the respected Alexander _Ti_ who described the sound quality as “these headphones make a big boom boom that makes my eardrum vibrate) And a good tyc-audible when the drummer hits skeet) And the rest of the crap that is in the middle of the frequency range I was very impressed that I burst into tears like a little girl ... ”From myself I would add that the sound quality is excellent. (listened to Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro in a stationary computer, FLAC was used as audio files) Because Nowhere on the Internet there is a description and characteristics, then made a small measurement of the range of reproducible frequencies. Tested on sines from 20 Hz to 18 kHz (updated information, checked using USB RTA Meter), as a result, the lower threshold starts from 20.4 Hz, and the upper one reaches 21 kHz, about 100 Hz there is a small resonance, but it does not irritate, since and the excessively strong low frequencies do not irritate (almost all Beats Audio production suffers from this). I listened to almost all genres of music, the bass sounds great, deep enough and without a hum, the middle is served in detail and clearly, I have no complaints, the high frequencies are slightly muffled, but nevertheless they are well drawn (the equalizer completely saves the situation). Noise isolation quality, the street can not be heard, just like no one hears what sounds in the headphones except the listener.
For the sound quality I give them 9 out of 10 (all the same, American sound standards are somewhat different from European ones)
Let's sum up:
+ quality materials.
+ good equipment.
+ usability.
+ high sound quality.
- build quality (I repeat, these are just my niggles).
- very branded and require frequent maintenance.
Overpayment for the name of the famous rapper.
In conclusion, I want to say that activelyI have been using headphones for 3 months already, no breakdowns and deterioration of the sound have occurred, and I am very pleased. To buy or not is up to you, and I just expressed my objective opinion. Thanks to everyone who read to the end. I will add - all photos are made after 3 months of active wear.
P.S. I want to add one article, which is called Monster Headphones: Expensive Is Good? I think it will be interesting for many to read, before writing comments, about the fact that copies are useless and can’t sound the same as the original, well, everything seems to be okay.
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