Braid on the steering wheel

Good evening!
Many photos, little text and conclusion.
After reading here a review of similar braid, a goal appeared. A cheap version with sewn edges was quickly found.
Delivery took 23 days. Everything was packed in a sealed bag. After opening the package, the skin smelled and the first tactile sensations of the material pleased. The set itself braid, thread (about 4 m) and a dull needle.

Perforated leatherette with backing, smooth seams, sticking out.

The site indicates the outer diameter of the steering wheel 37-38cm, my steering wheel 36.5 cm.
At the first and last fitting barely pulledbraid on the steering wheel !!! (not measured in the non-stretched state). I found a lacing scheme on the website and went to work (spent 47 minutes) and spent another 6 minutes looking for something to cut the thread after lacing, I was too lazy to go home for the instrument.
Photo lacing

At the end of the work there was a thread 80cm and a needle.
need to separately lace the bottom of the steering wheel. A little step on the left when lacing, I will also finish.
The material is very pleasant, for 2 months did not peel off. Lacing is difficult to perform on the widest parts of the steering wheel. Does not slip because of a good substrate.
Driving or that does not interfere, only the bottom of the steering wheel looks bad. There is no time to finish. I recommend to buy.
how to lace up