Original BP DODF900LHD

In general, it all started with the fact that they gave me a video recorder for the DR. For lazy people before reading, I will definitely say - you can take it. Looking for details, I ask, as they say, to our hut ...
Links to reviews of such DVRs
May the administration of Mousca forgive me, but firstI would like to introduce you to one branch of the site without which maybe I would not have bought this DVR or bought, but without a discount. In general, I will point out the branch where this particular DOD is directly discussed. Who wants to buy advise you first read. I think this is a review supplement, as the cap indicates how to get a discount from this seller.

Vetka about DODF900LHD
As I said, they gave me BP integovx-250shd. I started to test it and immediately found 4 bugs in it + the worst quality of the recording. As it turned out, "THIS IS .." cost 3200 rubles. Money is money, but then they gave me a gift! Especially since every day more and more every day I wanted to buy it more and more, dodging blondes with a yellow exclamation mark. In general, after a brief jumble with a shop in my hands turned out to be a little more than $ 100. Climbing the forums and studying the Russian market of BP, I realized that for the money something worthy I can not buy. It was decided to do Chinese shopping (since I’ve been buying everything in China for a long time. The choice fell on BP DOD F900LHD, the original is required. And it’s LHD, not HD. There are a lot of articles and videos on how to distinguish the original from the fake. can find and read.
About the seller - the seller, as I read about him,turned out to be mega nimble. Very quickly answered when communicating. When communicating with colleagues who bought registrars at this store, I learned a pleasant thing - this seller is responsible for his goods and reimburses the cost of repairs during the year (if God forbid such a thing happens). In general, a decent Chinese. By the way, this seller personally seemed to me very sociable and friendly and I bargained with him for $ 6, so communicate, bargain. In general, I paid (I had to add some blood money) in the evening of December 12, 2012, and on December 12, 2012 I already had a track number.
Given the NG, the post also worked not the worstway - 01/12/2013 I already got a reg. I didn’t open it at the post office, because it was clear from the package that the box wasn’t opened by the Russian hand, but still decided to photograph the unpacking process at home.

Autopsy process

The box is in perfect condition, you can safely give.
A lot of photos of the contents of the box

In set

This seller started on the day of my purchasetrade BP with new firmware version V3.04 T2M-MFH. This is the BP I was not afraid to buy. What this firmware is different from the previous V2.97 T2M-MFH alone God knows. The seller claimed that the image quality was better. I can’t verify this, because I don’t know what quality was on reg with the old firmware.

Flash card

In car

My improvements

The video was shot here with these settings BP

According to numerous requests of workers, photos of the menu and flash


In general, I am pleased with the registrar, the quality of the video andThe sound is completely satisfied, does not slow down, does not hang, turns on and off when you turn the ignition key. Very convenient turning the screen and head. Clear and flexible settings in Russian. No pauses when switching to another file. You can use it as a camera, in normal lighting you get very good photos (12MPix), but because of the wide-angle lens, they are slightly rounded, in general, where it can be useful. The quality of the device itself is also at the height - not a hint of backlash, creaking, cracks, etc. It feels factory quality.
During the operation came out another nuance. The DOD manufacturer did not take care of protecting the lens, which is not good. I always take BP out of the car and put it in my bag or pocket, and there are keys, money, etc. With all that it implies. So it is desirable to prikolhozit something. By the way, the same INTEGO, “loved by me”, is provided for and a plastic cup on the lens was included with it. So I ask representatives of DOD to pay attention to this.
Protest in all modes while the weather does not. It’s still dark to work, it’s already dark, then snow, then rain. But an example video posted. True, this youtube, as always, “smashed” the video, you can see the jerking in the original, everything is smooth (if you really need to throw the original 300 meters away).
Type day (began to get dark)


Well, actually, as promised, links tooriginal files. Glass rubbed. Do not pay attention to the songs, just my daughter "Echo" does not like to listen, give her pop music: D. Mount all the same finish dabble-grate.
Day 1
+ Price / quality by 5 points. This BP in Russia from 7000. And it’s not a fact that buy not a fake.
+ Excellent video and sound quality.
+ Battery from a regular cellular Nokia.
+ Clear 2.7 inch swivel display.
+ A bunch of laces included.
+ Quick-release fasteners.
+ No pause m / y files.
+ Ability to take pictures. I consider pampering and therefore did not describe.
+ Ability to view video on the screen.
+ Auto on / off by turning the key.
+ Original instructions in excellent Russian.
+ Intuitive menu in Russian, without a hint of Chinese translation.
+ The mounting device allows you to easily direct the lens to the driver's door to communicate with IDPS.
- No GPS. I do not know minus or not. I don't need it.
- No sensor to protect files from overwriting.
- Particularly fastidious requires finishing the fasteners or buying higher-quality fasteners.
- No lens cover.
Koshak is not in the house, he went for a walk and did not return, so excuse me. If you have questions, I will be happy to answer as far as possible.